Vlad: Wounded WarriorMature


My world was complete darkness and silence. It wasn’t scary, actually I was filled with contentment. ‘Any moment I’ll see a light,’ I thought relegating myself to deaths clutches. Then I saw her, Chrystel. How I wish she knew how I felt, at least before I died.

^--/\/\____ /\/\/---^^^^, the machine beeped softly. I felt soft fur lightly rub my face and a light purr rumbled at my side.

“You’re not dead yet,” a familiar voice whispered into my ear. Reality grasped at me, life still pounded in my chest.

“Liam,” I said weakly my eyes closed. The snow leopard purred loudly at the mention of his name. My eyes fluttered as I tried to open them to light. At first my vision was a blurred mess of figures and shadows. Taking a deep breath I blinked away the blur and saw clearly. I was in a hospital room, filled with machines and sterile white walls, the room itself was unnerving. I looked about the room and sharply sat up.

“AAARRRGGGHHhhhh,” I screamed as pain crackled through my body, causing me to fall back into the plush bed. “Where’s Chrystel….Padhllum?” I asked breathlessly trying to recover. Liam jumped lightly onto the covers and sat at my feet. I placed a hand to the where the knife had been and could feel the bandages, stitches, and the blood pulsing below the skin.

“They’re safe. No thanks to Breaker and Desoto. The two weren’t exactly friendly when it came to questioning Chrystel.”  I growled. Breaker when I get out of here I’ll-.  I instantly snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed a polished piece of wood, emblazoned on it in gold was the word Stradivarius. Next to it was a strip of paper and scrawled on it was beautiful penmanship. Tears filled my eyes and trickled down my face. Three words were on the paper.

I am sorry. My chest constricted with both sorrow and pain. Liam nudged my face, trying to comfort me.

“Her father came in here and was furious, all I caught was him slapping her across the face and forcing her to leave. Or else she wouldn’t be able to return home.” Liam spoke tenderly. I clenched my hands into balled fists. How dare he hurt his own daughter!

“Liam, I have to see her.” I stated determination fighting with the pain as I sat up gingerly. Liam placed one of his oversized paws on my chest, pushing me back lightly.

“You’re in no shape to do anything!” He fussed like a parent.  I gave him a scowl as I swung my legs over the bed and clutched the IV cart.

“Vlad-” Liam protested.

“No Liam!” I shouted. His eyes grew wide, this was the first time that I had ever yelled at him. “I have to find the man who did this,” I began to choke up “cause if he hurts another innocent person…I couldn’t live with myself.” I sobbed. Liam rested his head on my shoulder and wrapped his tail around me. He had been my only friend for my entire life.

“What do you need me to do?” Liam asked knowing what I felt.

“Where are my clothes?” I asked standing unsteadily. Liam jumped down from the bed and walked over to a chair.

“Chrystel went to the house with me and we got you some clothes.” I winced as I walked over to the chair. I was only wearing boxers and the room was freezing. Quickly I pulled on the gray shirt, blue jeans, and black zip-up hoodie. After dressing I walked over to the note and small piece of violin Chrystel left me, carefully pocketing them and turning towards Liam. His crimson eyes were filled with worry and doubt.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked tentatively. I nodded resolutely and unsteadily began to walk down the hall, clutching my stabbed shoulder. After an arduous walk down the hall we reached the elevator. We stepped inside and waited for it to reach the ground floor. As the door opened Liam and I were face to face with Breaker and Desoto.

“Vlad! Where do you think you two are going?” he asked suspiciously. Biting back a multitude of things I just replied curtly.

“Home.” He raised an eyebrow as Liam and I stepped from the elevator.

“Is that so, you wouldn’t mind if I escorted you home then, right?” A half snarl flashed across my face.

“Not at all,” I mumbled through gritted teeth. Breaker and I walked out first followed by Desoto and Liam. For 15 minutes we walked in utter silence, not even making eye contact. When we reached the Abandoned District, Breaker fell behind me as the snow suddenly began to whip around in large gusts of wind. Creating blinding showers of white fluff. 

“Breaker,” I yelled into the storm, turning around. But it was too late he had disappeared. I crouched as Liam stood at my side. Where had he gone? I shuddered at the thought and returned my attention to my original destination. 

“We have to get to Chrystel’s home; can you scent her in this storm?” I pleaded, my eyes watering in the fierce gusts of wind. Liam lifted his nose to the wind drawing in the scents. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Then he looked to me, a mischievous look in his crimson eyes.

“I have the scent,” he purred. I nodded and we took off, Liam leading me through the storm to Chrystel’s.          

Meanwhile in an area not too far into the Abandoned district two figures and their souls watched the boy and his snow leopard.

“Why do you play with him?!” A dry angry voice snarled. The other man smiled petting his black panther soul.

“Because my good Detective Breaker, It’s all about the hunt. Then we can focus on the kill.”

Breaker looked to the man as Desoto whined. “ He should have died with his parents ten years ago! But you slipped up!” The panther snarled.

“I won’t slip up,” the other figure said coldly.  

The End

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