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A tear rolled down my cheek, I was reading the lectures from the machine that kept Vlad alive. I was silent in prayer, praying for Vlad to hold on to his breath, to not let his sigh of Life  leave his body. Silent prayers had become very common to me, I had adopted this habit ever since my mother got sick and leave this world.  Vlad and Liam had shown courage and strength when fighting the murderer, and I had done nothing.

Never again will I be the victim, I thought remorsefully. Today was a rush of emotions, emotions I have never displayed. The ambulance took us away to the nearest hospital, Vlad was very injured and still unconscious. Liam was in the adjacent room, accompanied by Padhllum. I only had a bandaged on my left arm, where the murderer had twisted my arm and subdued me. The nurses had cleaned the blood from the blade the assassin had placed against my cheek.

I sat silently watching Vlad's pale face, his breathing unsteady. His wound was treated and his chest was tightly bandaged. His hand was outstretch toward me, as if asking me to take it and anchor him to this world. I had seen my father take my mother's hand when she was dying, I remember I was embracing my mother, asking her not to leave. I placed my hand on the side of the bed and inched closer to his hand. I was uncertain how to act, what was it that I felt for Vlad, if anything at all? I gathered courage, inching my hand closer to his.

"I would not touch that piece of filth if I were you," a croaky, dry voice coming from the room's door commanded.

My fingers stopped in mid-air, I turn my gaze towards the voice. It was Breaker, he was unscathed and so was Desoto. Breaker was enraged about something, his eyes flashing anger toward Vlad. He is alive, I thought with sudden disappointment.

"Miss, I believe we have a conversation to finish," he said. "If you will please step out."

"No," my voice quake with anger, "I will stay here until Vlad opens his eyes..."

Breaker snorted. "Please," he scoffed, "he does not deserve a scrap of  the attention you are giving him. He is quite a charmer, I can tell, especially with rich little girls like yourself, Miss Mizzy. But don't fall into his trap, tell me, how much do you know about him? How can you trust somebody or care about somebody who hasn't share his past with you?" His voice was challenging me, how on earth did he got my name? I had answered with caution when the paramedics were asking me questions.

I frowned and glowered at him. "Sir, I believe your rudeness is not being called for. I will not accept you calling Vlad names. I do not need to know anything about Vlad, except for the fact that he saved my life. I will always be deeply grateful for it." I stood up, erected, facing the sudden aggressor, "I am afraid have to ask you to leave..."

"He attacked me earlier," Breaker taunted, "I could have that criminal out of the streets in any minute for assaulting a police officer, but I guess I could opt to not press charges if you granted me some of your precious time. If you really want him to roam insignificantly in the streets you will step outside with me now." His malicious eyes bored my shaking body, he searched my livid eyes.

I dropped my head, I had become the victim once again. I followed him out. Once outside he slammed the door shut, the sound echoed through the empty hallway. I was impassive. The police had cleared the floor, Breaker still suspected of Vlad.

"Tell me what happened inside the Abandon district." His voice was calmed, yet demanding. His intense gaze were set on my inscrutable and aloof expression.

"You were there," I said serenely, "you should know. There were three murders bordering the Abandon district, two officers were murdered inside..."

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW!" he bellowed, his patience was diminishing. "I want to know what happened to you and Vlad." He pronounced his name with distaste, something I detested from Breaker. "You saw the murderer didn't you? And the soul as well. They killed police officers and they were going to kill Vlad too, am I right?."

He was going to kill Vlad. My eyes were itchy, I could feel tear formation in them, I blinked them away. "You are not wrong, sir." I took a deep breath in. I hope for Padhllum to come to aid me away from this man. Desoto was guarding the next room, where Padhllum and Liam were.

"You saw the murderer, I need the description." Breaker took a notepad and a pen.

"You are not going to broadcast his description," I pleaded, fear overtaking my body and mind, "you cannot, if you do so, Vlad and I will be in great danger...he will be after us..."

"Damn right he will!" Breaker said, "but it is none of your business what we do with the information. Now, help me get that murderer where he is suppose to be. Rotting in jail, if not in hell."

Breathing had become hard, if I exposed the murderer, he would want to take revenge against us. Vlad and I would be his main target. "Promise me you are going to protect both of us," I said.

"You are in no position to demand such nonsense, you knew you were stepping into a crime scene."

"Promise or I would not describe the murderer for you," I said.

He arched an eyebrow, "would you? Would you walk away knowing a murderer is out there? If he kills you before we get his description he will continue killing and we will never catch him."

I cringed, strike number three. I describe the murderer and his soul, how he had grabbed me, how Padhllum had been hurt, and how Vlad and Liam had fought him. Breaker jotted down the information. After a quarter of an hour he let me back inside the room, saying (not promising) he would do the best to keep us both safe. Breaker stormed away with long strides, Desoto following. I had a hand on the knob when a tall  figure was walking toward me, a peacock close behind the figure.

"Father..." I whispered in disbelief. I was a mingle of emotions, happiness because he had come to see me, yet nervous by what he was going to think. I stood paralyzed, with my hand on the knob. His approach was nearer, until he stood facing me. I gave him a smile.

He raised his hand and slapped me across the face with great force. My eyes grew in astonishment. My eyeballs were quivering in fear, I turned my head slowly to face my angered father. Tears were flowing out, my hand reached the place where he had offended me.

"How dare you," he said in an undertone, "how dare you lie to me, how dare you exposed us to danger..."

"I am sorry," I whispered, controlling my sobs. "I am so sorry..."

"How dare you destroy the most precious gift you inherited from your mother..." his voice aggravated, hurt was distinguish.

My hand closed in tightly around the piece of wood I could recover from my Stradivarius. I closed my eyes, my shoulders heaving, a constricted chest.

"We will go home now," he said.

"But father, I can't. I cannot leave Vlad alone, he saved..."

"I don't care!" he hollered, it was the first time he raised his voice to me. I was terrorized. "You will come home with me right now, if you do not, don't ever step in my house again." He threatened. His peacock, Seyfrid, had his head bowed, his eyes closed. He turned in his heels, "I will be waiting for you in the car." He walked away.

I cried, stooped and cried against the wall. Something soft nuzzled my cheek, it was Padhllum. He was standing next to me, with Liam at his side.

"Go home," Liam said softly, "I will take care of him." His wounds had almost healed completely, although he appeared weak.

I smiled at him and embraced him in a tight, warm hug. I thanked him, for everything. I stood up and went inside the room. I bent down upon Vlad's face, my lips on his cold cheek. He was still unconscious. I left, leaving Vlad and Liam in the room. I walked out of the hospital, this time without the piece of wood in my hands. I have left it behind with Vlad, bearing a message: I am sorry.

The End

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