Vlad: I'm SorryMature

I swung the crowbar with all my might, striking the black panther in it's jaw. It flew backwards yowling loudly. The murderer yelped lightly as his soul slunk to his side, blood trickling out is mouth yet it still managed a snarl. Without warning the man lunged at Liam swinging the blade towards his throat. 

"Liam!" I yelled but he already knew. Liam lowered his body in a crouch and waited for him to get closer. The man stepped into striking distance and Liam pounced just as I ran towards the panther. Liam swung his claws at the man's face but strangely the man seemed to sense it and dodged, same as his panther who side stepped my swing. I spun around Liam quickly coming to my side, we stood between him and Chrystel with Padhllum. He'd have to kill us to get to them! The murderer smiled as his panther purred at his side, it's golden eyes flashing in the dimly lit room. 

"You filthy house cat! I'll tear out everyone of your claws, just to hear you scream." The man's female panther snarled. Liam snapped his jaws in the air, challenging her. 

"I'll kill you any day she-cat!" The snow leopard retorted in a growled, his body shaking with rage. Liam took off running as did the panther.  I watched as Liam pounced and batted the black cat in the face with one of his massive paws, striking it to the ground. I charged to finish it but the murderer had other plans. His cat smiled as I swung to strike it, pain instantly shot through my legs. I fell to my knees and looked to Liam. The murderer had kicked him hard in the leg throwing Liam off his soul. Both Liam and I retreated back. 

"How can you see us if you're blind?" I yelled at him. His face grew agitated, I had struck a very raw nerve.

"You think, just because I am blind that I cannot see?!" The man snarled "I' ll show you." His panther took off after Liam again. Liam roared and met the cat with fangs and claws bared. The two began a ruff-n-tumble fight that caused me severe pain every time Liam was slashed. I yelled out as the panther slashed Liam across the face, momentarily he couldn't see, I couldn't see. The Murderer laughed as I heard something whistle through the air.

"Vlad, WATCH OUT!" Chrystel screamed. Just as I started to turn to her voice something very sharp slammed into my right shoulder with a sickening THUD.  My eyes flashed wide open and I looked to what had struck me. It was the murderer's dagger, sticking out from my flesh. A sharp burning sensation erupted around the blade, as pain crackled through my body like electricity. Liam and I collapsed to the ground, he was feeling everything I felt. I laid on the dirty concrete, everything was surreal. I placed my hand to my shoulder feeling my warm blood against the icy snow. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the panther pinning Liam to the ground. It pushed it's paw hard into his neck and I felt the sharp pain. Liam's crimson eyes pleaded with me, to stay alive, to survive. I heard sharp footsteps echo closer and closer. Then I saw the murderer standing above me grinning. He crouched next to me and clasped the knife still lodged in my shoulder. 

"I could pull this out you know," he gave the blade a light tug, causing crashing waves of pain to course through my body. "I could end your life or spare it. I control life and death!" The man's gravely voice sneered. My eyelids grew heavy as I tried with all my strength to stay conscious. I had to stop this mad man!

"Don't hurt him!" Chrystel's voice cried from the distance. The man looked up, enjoying her cries. He licked his lips and spoke. 

"Oh my dear, I intend to do much more than that! Then I'll get to you!" A twisted smile crossed his face as he maliciously laughed. "What fun we'll have!" I could only imagine how Chrystel felt, how hard it must be to see me like this. I wish...I could have protected her...I'm sorry Chrystel. Tears began to fall from my eyes, I was going to die here and I wouldn't be able to stop him from hurting her. Sirens abruptly exploded in the distance, wailing as they grew closer and closer. The murderer looked up, angered and conflicted. He looked to his soul. 

"Lira, hurry see if they're close." The panther hurried off into the darkness. The man then turned his attention to Padhllum and Chrystel. 

"If you want your friend to live, you won't stop me from leaving!!" he bargained. I heard Padhllum growl back but then grow eerily silent. 

"Chrystel...don't..." I whispered weakly. 

"You can leave! I won't stop you, just don't hurt Vlad and Liam." The man's blind eyes widened with surprise at the mention of my name. He looked down at me as Lira returned to his side. 

"Master, they're almost here." His grey eyes looked at me intently, almost as if he were trying to remember something. "We have to leave now!" the panther pleaded. Yet he still looked at me. A door way on a distant room slammed open and the yells of officers soon echoed through the building. The murderer turned in the direction of the noises, then stood. 

"We'll be seeing each other again very soon, Vladimir. I promise you that!" He quickly stepped over my broken body and disappeared into the shadows. Lira followed her master, vanishing with him. I coughed and felt flecks of warm blood leave my lips. Liam weakly crawled to my side and nuzzled my cheek.

"I'm sorry Vlad, I couldn't protect you. I'm so sorry!" He moaned weakly. I wrapped my arm around the speckled snow leopard and held him tightly.

"You did all that you could Liam, I'll always remember that!" I replied softly. Chrystel and Padhllum hurried to my side. My eyes fell closed. I was too weak to keep them open. 

"Hold on Vlad! Please, stay with me!" I heard her voice plead as she wept at my side. Her voice grew ever more distance along with the police as I heard them around me. They yelled for an ambulance and tried to keep Chrystel away as they put me  and Liam onto a stretcher. I could feel each bump as the stretcher hit a patch of snow and heard every faded voice around me. Just let me die,  I thought, the pain was agonizing and I just wanted it gone. I heard the ambulance doors slam and felt it speed off. Slowly darkness and silence engulfed my world, I knew what it meant.

I was dying...

The End

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