Vlad: The Blackest SoulMature

I watched as Chrystel and Padhllum walked away. Liam looked up to me protest glaring in his crimson eyes. 

"Your just going to let them walk away?!" He yowled. I looked to the snow leopard, glaring. I looked to the snow, wondering if I should go after her. I took a step, but flashing blue and red lights caught my attention. Liam growled, his fur on edge as the police cars slid into the scene throwing up a wave of snow that crashed into me and Liam. Stupid Coppers, I thought as I shook the snow off my jacket. Liam was even less amused as he shook the snow from his fur. A car door clicked open and a man in uniform stepped forth.

He was a grizzled beast bearing many scars and a tightly clamped jaw. Unfortunetly I knew the man, he had been the investigator assigned to my parents murder case. I watched him as he stepped away from the car, allowing his soul to step forth. It was a unusually large German Shepherd with sharp blue eyes. The investigator shut the door and headed in my direction and telling the other officers to grab Chrystel away from Haruto, the boy I had seen earlier.  I scowled at the man as he stepped up to me.

"Vladimir, Liam...good to see you both." The man said suspiciously as he looked to his soul. "Say hello Desoto."  The dog lightly bared his fangs in a snarling smile.

"Hello Liam...Vladimir," Desoto spat. Liam hissed, flicking his tail in an agitated manner. I ignored the dog, watching as the officers drug Chrystel and Padhllum  to my side. I gave her a quick smile. 

"Now Miss you and Vladimir have some explaining to do." 

"Not to you, Breaker!" I snapped. Breaker eyes flashed to me, Desoto growling at me from his side. "Jacobs," he called over his shoulder the another officers, "go check that abandoned factory over there with Lewis. The killer could still be here ." The men took off running through the white fluff and wind. 

"You and your friend here are going to tell me every single little detail you saw about these murder victims or I'll take you back to the station and make you tell me. Help me now Vladimir, since you couldn't help your parents." That was the last straw! Liam pounced, claws extended, onto Desoto as I tackled Breaker. Chrystel screamed and Padhllum  jumped between her and Liam and I's scuffle. I punched and kicked striking anywhere I could as Liam clawed and bit, drawing blood. Electricity suddenly erupted in my veins sending me and Liam to the icy ground. He had hit us with a Tazer. 

"Assaulting an officer and his soul, ESPECIALLY, will get you time in the slammer!" Steamy blood coursed onto his uniform while Desoto tried to coat his cuts in the snow. He clasped his hand around my throat and lifted me to my feet. Breaker brought me to close to his face. 

"You know what I think? I think you killed them you brat!" Breaker thundered in my face. Before he could continue, screams erupted over his radio.

"NOOO...Sir...He's HERE! In the-" The radio cut to static. Breaker dropped me to back to the snow. He quickly snatched his radio. 

"Jacobs? Lewis! Damn!" Breaker took off for the factory.

"We'll deal with you later Vald." Desoto barked as he hurried after Breaker. Chrystel hurried to my side, tears bordering on her eyes. I looked to Liam, ,his pelt was bloody but he had sustained no serious damage. Padhllum stood over the snow leopard, helping him to his paws. Liam looked at me, determination in his eyes. 

"We have to go after him, the murder's in there." I said. Liam nodded and we both looked to to the factory.A shadow stood at its base, a black leopard with golden angry eyes. It disappeared into the building, without giving us a second glance.


The End

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