Haruto: A shadowMature

Us three were sitting near the lamp post when Vlad got up and walked away. I'm guessing he didn't want to be here when the police came. I didn't want to be here either. I bid my farewell to the girl who I didn't know the name of. "By the way? What is your name?"

The girl replied, "It's Xenia. And you are?"

"I'm Haruto."

"Cool name. Say how about we leave because I don't want to be here when the cops come."

"I agree. Let's go follow that boy."


We walked the same direction as the boy and we saw him talking to a girl. Then they walked in different directions. We walked up to the girl and talked with her.

"Hi. Did you see a boy, ye high. Also did you find a dead person? because from the looks of it, it seems so." I saw an ambulance. Xenia stared at a building

"Yes I did. How did you know?" The girl asks.

"There were two reported back that way" Points from where we came from.

"Oh. Were you with Vlad?"

"Vlad?" I talked to Xenia, "Was he the boy that was with us?"

"Yes I do believe so." Xenia answered.

Starts talking to other girl. "Ok, so I think it was him? I didn't catch his name."

"Oh. Ok? Well he started walking that way" She points to a building.

"Hmm. Ok, well thank you for you time." I smile.

"No problem." She says.

Xenia and I walked towards the building. "Xenia? Are you sure we should be going in there? Like there were just 3 murders."

"I thought I saw something earlier. It looked like a person."

"Well I think we sh-" I saw a shadow. It looked like a person.

"Haruto? What, did you see something?"

"Y-yes. C-can we g-go?"

"Well I suppose." She sounded annoyed.

"I'm sorry. I am scared of dark places."

"Well, that's ok. When I was your age, I was scared of dark places too."

"Really. *phew* That's a relief."

I looked back and I saw the shadow except it was more clear. I saw a glimpse of his face. He had something on one of his eyes, probably an eye patch. He also at a scar from the bottom side of his left eye to down to his chin. I got the chills.

"Xenia. Let's hurry." I was scared. We quickly walked away. I think she was scared too. Unless she didn't want to go in? I don't know. She seems like a hard person to read.

The End

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