Chrystel: Search the scentMature

The paramedics were taking care of the woman, I was grateful they closed her eyes. Padhllum and I just stood there watching the paramedics wrapping the body, their Saint Bernard souls were prowling in a circle around them.

"Hello Chrystel," that sound startled me, "and Padhllum." I jerked my head towards the sound and found a big snow leopard with his crimson eyes staring at me. I recognized this soul, it belonged to one of my classmates from school. Was he grinning?

"Nice seeing you around Liam," Padhllum replied the greeting. "How is Vlad?"

Beside Liam, Vlad made his appearance, he nodded. The look I usually give to guys who stood too close to me falter, instead of a solemn cold gaze I gave him a cold and hurt look. I was vulnerable, and I felt so happy to see him, so happy to see a familiar face. "Markov," I greeted, controlling the sobs that might have erupted from my constricted chest."Shouldn't you be at school?"

He grinned, "I was going to ask you the same."

I frowned, I had noticed him sometimes in class. He was very quiet, and exceedingly intelligent, sometimes he was temperamental and rebellious.  I picked up my violin case, which was on the snowy ground. "I had a violin recital, I was heading to school just now but ran across..."

He perceived my uneasiness and glanced at the paramedics working, "What happened here?"

I cast my eyes to the ground and lowered my voice, "this woman was dieing when we found her, she was murdered."

Shock appeared on Vlad's face, "Her chest was opened and her heart missing?"

I look for Vlad's eyes to seek the truth behind his words. His piercing jade eyes were intently on the woman. "How do you know?" I said in a broken voice.

"Not so far from here two other murders occurred, very similar, if not the same as this one," Vlad's words weighed on me, numbness and dizziness were creeping into my mind, my eyes were clouded with fear.

"What is happening here?" I asked.

"I do not know, and I wouldn't want to stick around when the police shows up," Vlad said, he thrust his fists inside his pant's pocket and rocked in his place. "How about we go for something hot to drink?"

I gave him a puzzled look. "You mean, like hot chocolate?" I was slightly beginning to blush at the subtle invitation, "But we have to stay here and tell the police what we saw, that is the correct thing to do," I said curtly, regaining my senses. I perceived him rolling his eyes.

Padhllum and Liam were scanning the old buildings of the Abandon district. Although it was abandoned, there was an unsettling feeling in this place.

"Did you feel a presence?" Padhllum asked, "this murder was recent, we came just in time to watch her die. Whoever did this, is hidden there." His head beckoned toward the tattering buildings.

"I did," Liam said, "but the scent was faint, I could not discern anything from it."

"I perceived a faint scent too. I wanted to follow it but I couldn't leave Chrystel alone."

Liam turn to look at the two figures some metres away from them, they appear to be arguing. He smiled, displaying his sharp white teeth. "She is in good hands now."

Padhllum gave Liam a reluctant glance, "you reckon we should go inside?"

"How else are we going to find the truth behind these murders?" Liam answered, "something really bad is going on here."

"You know that if we do not get out alive..." Padhllum glowered at Liam.

"Get out alive from where or what?" Vlad interjected, we had walked to where our souls were standing.

I gave Padhllum a fierce look. "Are you thinking of going inside the Abandon district?"

"It was an idea," Padhllum said. "We believe the murderer and its soul are hiding there."

"Let the police handle it!" I retorted. "Let's go." I turned on my heels and march toward the paramedics. I could here police car sirens approaching the dreadful crime scene, I wanted to be gone by the time they are here.

Liam growled quietly at me, then he gave Vlad a frown, as if expecting him to do something. Padhllum began strolling after me, he gave Vlad and Liam a departing glance.



The End

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