Vlad: Liam's NobilityMature

I watched as the paramedics scurred around the corpse. Snow nipping at their faces the entire time. I looked down to Liam, his ears were swiviling as if had heard something. I crouched next to him and put an arm around the big cat.

"What is it," I said trying to keep my voice quiet so the others couldn't hear. Liam stared into the distance for a few more seconds before turning his crimson eyes to mine.

"It was here, the murderer and his soul. I can barley scent them on the air but there definitely was someone nearby not too long ago." Liam squinted, trying to see through the snowfall. I stood, Liam instatly repeated my move as I stepped away from the girl and young kid. I don't want to be around when the police show up. Silently we slipped into the growing storm. The ambulance's lights adding a bloody glare to the aptmosphere. We had only walked for ten minutes before the sirens wailed again and the ambulance sped past me. confused I followed the sirens cry to a place about ten miles down the road.  Standing off to the side was a young girl, I recognised her from school. She had pale-skin, icy blue eyes, and dark hair. She stood slender and regal, she had to be from one of the cities major families. Her soul stood next to her, It was a panda. I looked to the paramedics scrambling over another dead body. The paramedics souls, two saintbernards, helped when they could and guarded them from any shadow that may be lurking.

I began to walk past her, but Liam stepped in front of me, hissing. I glared at him.

"What?" I snapped at him. He looked from me to the girl and back.

"That's Chrystel Mizzy!" I stopped immediatly in my tracks. Chrystel, I sighed. Liam bumped my leg. I looked at him as he flicked his ears in her direction.

"Oh no, no way!" I rebelled at the cat's idea. He gave me a quick grin and lightly padded over to her panda soul. Thanks Liam, always so noble.  Slowly I made my way to Liams side. Chrystel looked to me, they were cold and hurt.

"Hello Chrystel," Liam said nodding to the girl "and Padhllum." He regarded the panda. I nodded to the two as Liam greeted in pleasantries.

The End

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