Haruto: Body?Mature

"Haruto? Haruto, hurry up your already late for school." I woke up instantly when I heard the word "late" and the other word "school" "Well, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I scolded. He shook his head in wonder. "I have been trying to wake your up for the past hour. Jeez" I scoffed.

I quickly went to my mahogany dresser and changed into my otaku clothes. I wore my cosplay outfit for Kaito from Vocaloid. He had a really warm scarf. I but a little scarf on Mana, my soul. with the scarf he looked like a really cute wolf. Plus the white streak of fur going from his nose to all the way down his tail. He also had black rings around his four legs. The rest of him was grey. Plus the scarf added some colourful red to him.

Since we live past the abandoned district, we had to walk through it every day to get to town or to school or something. On the way there I saw some flashing lights. I was a bit worried since killings weren't often around here. Mana ventured off. I ran up to the ambulance to see what was going on. I saw a doctor or something. "What happened?" I asked. He replied,"Well a man had been killed."

"Really? How?"

"Well he was basically cut open and his heart was stolen or eaten or something."

"Well. That must have been a wonderful death." I said sarcastically.

"Hey could you go wait with those other two people. You see, over there by the Lamp pole. Thank you."

I did as I was told. I was basically a goody-two shoes. I did almost everything I was told and I did it with respect. I walked over to the other two. There was a boy with black hair and jade eyes, and a girl with porcelain-like skin and almond shaped brown eyes. I sat next to them.

"So what's your guy's story?" I asked them.

The girl replies,"Well, I sorta got suspended for a week from school, I walked though here and heard a man yell and I called the ambulance."

The boy speaks,"I got here and saw the man dead and he was cut open and he had no heart. I called the ambulance too."

"So we all have similar stories but very different had the same time."

What's you story?" The girl asks.

"Me? Well I just got here and I saw an ambulance so I ran over and talked to that man over there." I pointed to the man.


I was getting worried for Mana. I used the special whistle only Mana knows and only I can do. Mana came to me instantly. "So, Haruto how you doing?" He said trying to be cute.

We all sat there until we saw another person walk our way.

The End

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