Xenia ForrestMature

I scowled. Today had not been a good day. It had started off ok, Haku and I loved the snow, but everything turned sour when we reached the school. I could tell something was up as I walked through the gates. There was hardly anyone around. I stood stock still, watching Haku as his ears flicked and the movement of his tail got more and more agitated. 

Suddenly, a group of students, all older than me, appeared and began pelting us with snowballs. Their monkey souls chucked even more, aiming for Haku. It may have seemed harmless at first, but then one of the snowballs hit my face, smacking into my cheek and making my head snap around. 

"XENIA!" Haku yowled. "Xenia you're bleeding!" He jumped onto my shoulder and gingerly patted my cheek with his paw. "THERE ARE ROCKS INSIDE THESE SNOWBALLS!" He accused loudly.

"Uh, yeah, and what?" Said the ringleader, grinning dumbly. His monkey soul pulled faces at us from his back. My scowl deepened. I stared at the ringleader, sure I had seen him before. Then it clicked. Cassandra Bellemett's brother. She must have told him I was the one who beat her up... Well she deserved it. She definitely wouldn't be spreading any rumours about me ever again.  I stormed off, a few more rocks hitting me as I went. 


"Cassandra." I said, grabbing her shoulder. "Went crying to big bwother? Awww diddums." She gave me a contemptuous look and tried to shake me off. I grinned. There was no chance of that. With a quick sideways flick of my head, I signalled to Haku. He leapt on Cassandra's chihuahua and pinned her down, hissing. Now even if she did get me off, she wouldn't be going anywhere. 

"XENIA AND HAKU FORREST! What do you think you are doing?" Yelled the headteacher, Miss Sutton, her doberman soul letting off a few booming barks to accentuate her point.  I sighed, rolling my eyes. Haku quickly leapt away from the chihuahua and onto my shoulder. Reluctantly I let go off Cassandra as Miss Sutton approached. 

"Explanation?" She demanded. 

"Miss, she just attacked me!" Cassandra squealed, batting her eyelashes and pouting in an infuriating way. 

"NO I DIDN'T!" I burst out. "Her brother just attacked me!" I motioned to my cheek. "Him and his friends just pelted me with rock-filled snowballs!" 

Miss Sutton rolled her eyes. "Jason Bellemett would never do something like that on purpose. He is a prized student, and I'm sure it was a mistake. About this incident, how ever, I'm not so sure. Xenia, to my office." 

"WHAT?" Haku and I yelled in unison. 

"Go." She hissed, her soul growling menacingly. 

I turned on my heel and left, Haku leaping from my shoulder to stalk away by my side. Once we had rounded the corner, Haku leapt into my arms. 

"How could they!" He hissed. I shook my head, to incensed to talk. He flexed his claws over and over until I grabbed his paw in my hand and scowled at him.

"Sorry.." He muttered. "I was hurting you?" I nodded. As we walked into the main school building, I let out a quick scream. I balled up my fists, and smashed one of them straight into the wall. The peeling paintwork was hardly even damaged. I screamed again and kicked the nearest door. 

"Stop." Haku mewed. I kicked the door again. "Stop." I continued to ignore him, kicking and punching the doors as I stormed my way to Miss Sutton's office. "STOP! THIS ISN'T HELPING!" He yowled. I took a deep breath, and let out a long sigh. I looked at my fist. The knuckles were bleeding, but I didn't particularly care. 


Miss Sutton had given me an incredibly long lecture, then said she was excluding me for a week and sent me home. 

And that's how I ended up trudging through the snow at nine thirty on a school day. I was nearing the Abandoned district when I heard a man's voice; "NO! NO PLEASE! NO...." Haku leapt to the ground, his hackles raised. In unison, we ran in the direction of the voice. We were too late. We arrived just as the man's soul, a little robin, vanished and the man let his last breath fly. The snow around him was stained crimson. His chest had been cut open, his heart removed. I pulled out my mobile and made my numb fingers dial 911. 

"Hello 911, what is you emergency?" A calm woman's voice said. 

"I... A man... He.. he.. was killed. I heard his last cries.. I ran to help, but he was.. was d-d-dead before I could help him..."

"Where are you miss?" The voice said, now sounding far more urgent.

"J-just a few metres from the border of the abandoned district." I spotted a street sign. "Darnum Close." I hung up, my hands shaking.

What was going on? Murder? Suddenly I was not so angry. A deep, horrible sense of fear had leeched it's way into my heart, and I collapsed onto the snow, tears streaming down my cheeks. 

The End

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