Vlad: Bloody MurderMature

I stared outside, watching as tiny snowflakes fell past the azure sky. It was a shame, that I had to stuck inside with studies when it was such a nice day out. Quickly, I glanced to my soul Liam. The large grey and black speckled snow leopard lay next to my desk, twitching from his dreams. I smiled and looked back out the window, if only I could sleep in class.

"VLADIMIR MARKOV!" A shrill eagle like voice shrieked. I instantly snapped out of my thoughts and looked to it's source.  Liam also awoke and sprung to his feet. The one who had startled both of us was a squat little woman the front of the class (my proctor), a peregrine falcon sat on her shoulder. It's beady black eyes glaring at Liam and I.  

"There will be no day dreaming in my class, you can either pay attention or you can leave my class!" She cawed. I rolled my eyes, slammed my book shut, and stood. I walked calmly out of the classroom, Liam followed. The proctors bird staring at us the whole way. When we stepped out into the hall the door slammed shut.

"I didn't think you'd actually walk out," Liam teased. I looked at him and we both started laughing. I turned and we headed for  my locker. The hallway was empty, except for me and Liam. We finally reached my locker and I put in the code. 23-16-03, 'CLICK'. The door sung open and I threw my books inside. 

"Don't forget your coat. Liam chided. I snorted and pulled on my jet black coat. I may love the snowy weather but I wasn't immune to it's cold like Liam was. I shut the locker and turned heading for the  front door. When I opened it, Liam hurried out the door jumping into a drift of fluffy white snow. He growled loudly as his head popped out of the fluff. I paused. 

"You're ridiculous," I chuckled as Liam bounded beside me. We walked through town for about 15 minutes before we reached the Abandoned District, a group of old houses the city had directed to be demolished and replaced with bloc apartments. It was the creepiest part of town and I wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. The icy wind and snow nipped at my face as we hurried down the street.

"Race you!" Liam purred and ran ahead. But he stopped abruptly, in mid-step, causing me to almost trip over him. I was confused, what's under his fur?

"What's up?" I asked concerned. He just stood, ears forward, eyes wide, hair on edge. Snow hit his eyes and still he stood still as a statue. I walked over to him and  looked in the direction he was. I saw it, a body, a human body. Without thinking I hurried over to him. He lay face first in the snow, his skin was blue. I looked desperately around for his soul but it wasn't there. Carefully I turned him over but jumped away when I saw the damage done to his body. His chest was anatomically cut open, the heart removed, and blood poured everywhere. I felt bile rise up my throat but I swallowed. Liam grabbed the collar of my jacket with his teeth, pulling on it, pulling me away from the nightmarish scene. I fumbled with my cell phone as I dialed 911. 

"Hello 911, what is your emergency?" a calm woman asked.

"I'm in the Abandoned District and I found a body! Please hurry!" I pleaded. Liam curled around to me and I held him close, feeling his soft fur against my face.  I suddenly felt very cold inside.     


The End

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