I opened my eyes to the smell of woodsmoke, Ary had got the fire going and was cooking breakfast, a small rabbit she had caught. I wrinkled my nose at the meat, it's not quite what I'm used to but if there's one person I trust it's Ary, she'll cook it well. She can do anything, not like me. Little Princess Vellery, can't lift a finger to do things for herself. I sighed and sat up, the noise bringing Ary's attention to the fact that I was awake.

“Rabbit?” She grinned at me, holding out the spit.

I wrinkled my nose and took the meat slowly, taking a very small bite. Much to my surprise it actually tasted rather nice so instead of nibbling I ate it hungrily.

Ary watched me silently as I ate, we were both lost in our own thoughts. Mine went along the lines of capture: What if my grandfather was worried? What if he sent guards after us? What if, what if? Running away to bond Ary with a wild dragon didn't seem as clever the next day.

I finished up my half of the rabbit and handed it to Ary sadly, it really was tasty.

She smiled as she accepted it, her thoughts probably going along the lines of: What are we doing? as well.

The rest of the day hurried on in relative silence, the only conversation being that which was needed. We headed northwest through the forest, cutting straight through the ever denser foliage. I began to wonder if we'd ever reach the other side, my thighs and legs were tired from both riding and walking (as a lot of the branches hug low making us get off and lead the horses). I began to hum under my breath just to keep my idle nerves at bay.

Two and a half days passed that way, all of our excitement and chatter having fallen away after the first initial taste of freedom, I was beginning to dream of a warm, comfy bed with several pillows instead of the hard ground. It was worse when it started raining half way through the third day, big, wet drops dripping from the canopy above.

Ash nudged me as I walked, obviously hating the rain as much as I. What I wouldn't give to be at home right now, or even to have a tent.

“Why did we have to forget the tent Ary?” I asked, my question just coming out plain whiny making her sigh with frustration.

“We had to forget it because I stupidly thought that you would pack something I'd forgotten to mention in our plans for your luggage.” Her snapped reply made me bite my lip.

“I'm sorry Ary.” I whispered quietly, unsure as to whether she'd hear me or not.

I continued to follow my best friend through a winding and increasingly slippery path, the leaves underfoot made the going almost treacherous, I'd slipped three times before Ary finally found a clearing and we decided to stop. I sat on the ground, uncaring about wet trousers.

“Look Vell!” I looked up from my dejected position and gazed up at the grey sky, raindrops falling on my face.

“Dragons.” I whispered, awestruck.

“Dragons.” Ary echoed me.

And just like that we were friends again, in this together. Our own little dragon taming adventure.

The End

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