Let the Takeover Begin!

As Ragta stood at attention trying her best to be proud of her survival she couldn’t help but still feel the chill from the cave. Her tail swished as if trying to keep the sprits from it, though they were well in the day light. She didn’t notice the way the men and dragons were moving about the field until Skade called out a single command.


In a blink of an eye Rider killed Rider as Dragons took to the sky in aerial battle. Ragta nearly leapt up but Nayne’s voice stalled her.

You, Runt stay by Skade.” His flames seared a fellow dragon’s wings. “She dies and you can be sure your newest rider will be turned to ash.

Swallowing her roar Ragta turned her attention to the ground where swords were clashing about. Skade had already made it half way across the yard, Nikolai following blindly after her. Ragta charged up bowling over people without even noticing. Overhead Nyane roared a challenge as his opponent fell like a stone from the sky.

What is going...

“Shut it and get that door down Ragta,” Skade commented befroe Ragta could finish her thought. “Now or your useless Rider will be slit in two!”

Ragta bellowed and rammed her head into the door.




Upon the fourth charge the hinges gave way and the cross bar shattered. Ragta’s head entered the hall to the yells of men. Flame burst from her mouth without thought and yells turned to screams.

“Good girl,” Skade’s praise felt meaningless. “Not get us to the throne room!”

She turned back as Ragta began to shoulder her way through the door spouting more flames. Tapestries burnt in seconds and candles melted.

“Let the men through!” Skade’s voce again broke through to Ragta and she obediently made herself as small as she could. Skade’s orders continued out sending the armed riders down various corridors.


“He’s guarded by the door for insurance.” Skade’s attention was back on the Ragta. “Now be of some use and go.”

Go where?” Ragta asked confused.

“Flame that corridor and go down it!” Skade’s hand flung towards the left.

Ragta did as she was told. Climbing a short flight of stairs and bashing in a second set of heavy oaken doors Ragta was greeted by screams.

“Flame the room! But not the King!” Skade’s frenzied laughter scared Ragta. “The King is mine!”

The End

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