I sat down next to my best friend. Sometimes life could be so unfair, just because she was a “Lady”, a noble woman, Aryanna was never going to be able to be a dragons rider. I didn't say that of course, I'd learnt to dash my hopes at a very young age but Ary doesn't have as many ties as me, she should have a chance. All the male nobles are tested to see if they're worthy, why not the girls too?

“You know I'll help you Ary, I promise I will, I just don't know what I can do. It isn't my choice who gets bonded, it's Skade's.”

“Or the King's.”

I looked at Aryanna, shook on my face. “I'll never convince him to let you. He doesn't like us girls to fight properly, you know that. Besides, you're almost like a second daughter to him.”

“Then I'll just have to prove myself won't I?” Aryanna flicked her plaited hair back and looked at me defiantly. “We'll never get anywhere if we don't do something and I can't do this without you Vell.”

I shook my head vehemently. “And I don't want you to but just what do have in mind?”

Aryanna shot me a quick, determined smile. “I'm going to tame a wild dragon.”

“You can't! Those feral beasts aren't like our trained ones, you'll get killed.”

Vell,” she pleaded, “you promised.”

I sighed and stood up, Aryanna rose as well. She was almost ready to catch my arm and beg but I turned to her, an excited smile on my face. “It'll be dangerous you know.”

She grinned back. “But worth it! I'll do it Vell, I promise!”

“You'll show them!”

We'll show them.”

The End

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