Before the Bonding

Sighing wearily Cadonus made his way to the bonding cave, yet again Rhagtan Chanu Gwynt had lost a rider, yet again she needed another and yet again they had found someone who was easily expendable. Nikolai. No fighting on a Sunday was one of his newer, and, he thought, more ingenious rules, this man had broke it and so faced the army. He didn't view it as being a particularly harsh punishment but in Skades opinion the man didn't stand a chance. He'd been nervous of her dragon, Nanye, puked at the site of Ragta and nearly been the slowest around the Camp Course that Wallace and Toonick had ever seen.

He cast a sideways glance over at the man in question, Nikolai was walking surlily along beside him, shooting awkward, nervous glances at the dragons. He looked tired and ragged after the day of training, Cadonus shared Skades opinion of the man. He couldn't last.

He looked to the other side of him and smiled at his granddaughter Vellery, she returned it with an equal amount of love and trust in her eyes. Vellery was his pride and joy, many of his advisers thought him a fool for letting her train with Skades army but he knew that when the time came she would be a lovely lady despite her skill with the blade or her keen eye with the bow. Even now she walked with impeccable posture, though he knew she hated to, and kept her place to his right, her face carefully schooled, even the smile she'd given him was polite through the emotions.

As he walked out into the large chamber he turned his head back to face the front. Now it was Nikolais turn to bond with Ragta, with much trepidation he strode to the middle of the room to begin the ceremony.

The End

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