Naomi: Familer Face

Instinctivly, my hand went to a small dagger I kept hidden in my sleave. I had faced a few mobs and most of them hadn't ended well. I ran into the trees so that I could get a closer look with out being seen. I stopped at the point where I could here what they were saying and so that I could see their faces. I swear I stopped breathing for a while when I saw one particular face. It was...

"Dad." I said under my breath. I hadn't see my father since I was little. We had been great pals until Evan and I found our companions. Dad had always thought the society was no good. Then to find out that his own children had be brought into it just got to him. He left the every next day and we hadn't heard from him since.

 I glanced over at Dargo and Marlowe. I knew that the humans wouldn't stand a chance against those two. I had to do something before they killed all of them.

As Dargo and his companion neared I watched as my father and the rest of the mob began to charge. I have been known to act before I think. And that's exactly what I did.

I ran through the trees and right in between the mob and Dargo.

"Stop!" I yelled just as I was grabbed by my father, who didn't recongize me. I did my best to turn and face him "Dad.. please!" He didn't seem to hear me thanks to the roar of the mob. He turned me back around grabbed my arm tightly.

"You take another step and she's dead!" he pulled a scythe up and placed it at my neck. The mob had quieted down a little to hear what Dargo had to say.

"Dad! Please stop!" I managed to speak, this time getting his attention.

"Naomi?" he asked confused. I nodded and I saw Evan's face turn to surprise.

The End

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