Fire (Pip)

We needed somewhere safe to rest for a few hours, somewhere no one would find us. Of course, there was only one place like that.

"Find a forest fire. That's where we'll rest for a while." I said to Amber.

"Yes, that's where we'll be safe." She panted.

"Want me to carry you a bit?"

"No you don't have to-"

"I don't care. You've been carrying me for a while, it's my turn to do the carrying." I said stubbornly. She sighed.

"Alright. Let's find a fire first."


It wasn't long till we found one. About a mile away from it, Amber lit down. She may be big enough to carry me, but still small enough for me to carry her on my shoulder. I began my hike and about fourteen minutes later, we were there. Amber had fallen asleep on my shoulder, her head tucked under her wing.

"We'll just sleep in a tree tonight." I climbed up a burning tree, flames licking me. But one of my powers from Amber was being flame resistant so it didn't affect me. Finding a sturdy branch, I fell asleep with Amber on my shoulder.

The End

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