Dargo: The councill

"Dargo, What are you doing?" Marlowe says in my head angrily. I looked over at the Feline. His teeth where baring and was quietly growling, which sounde remarkably like a purr.

"First off Marlowe, I'm walking. Since when do you talk in my head?  Third , Just hear them out. Its not like your going to have to deal with people, and who says i'm joining?" I said in my head hoping that would work.

These bonds allow us to share thoughts depending on the strength of the bond.  I will hear them out but if I don't like it that's that." The feline ended the strange conversation. 

Marlowe is still growling.

" Is he happy?" Evan mishears Marlowe

" Far from it Evan. He's not big on the council. I have asked him why but...... I don't think he is giving me complete answer." I say 

He nodds, " There is the council tent I suppose they know who you are." He says.

" Okay."

I walk Marlowe at my side , I adjust my broadswords a little making it look more formal. It was hard to look impressive with my dirty cloak , it didn't matter much to me though. A gaurd takes me to the council tables. 

" Hello I assume you know me judging by the letters you send me, but I will formally intorduce my self and my friend here. I'am Dargo Eldnur , this here is Marlowe, he is a Mngwa , and he not to keen on you guys." I intoduce myself

Marlowe then talks.

" This decision wether we join the council soully lays as my decision, so your convincing me."  He says  the council was slightly shocked that he could talk.

" Not many partners can talk to others." One says

" Well Mngwa's are equally or more intelligent then humans." I explain.

" Getting to the point, What is your problem with us Marlowe?" One of the councill member question.

" My freedom, will it be restricted?"

Thats his problem , why didn't he tell me straight up?

" Thats it?" The councill member asks. Marlowe agrees with a feline nod.

" Its up to you how much you restrict yourself. Which depends on your missions." they explain.

" Well Marlow, Happy?"

" Good enough for me." The cat says


The End

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