I sighed. "Medusa, do we always have to be... the ones that no one wants to hang out with?" He cawed quietly. "Yeah, I know, let's not linger on it. But I'm not going back to the council. From now on, I'm on my own." Medusa nodded.

I took my horse and started away. I would think of her as my horse now. I didn't think I would bring her back. "Let's name you... Stella." I said to the mare. I put my heels to her, and we set off. I had come from the west, the phoenix and the girl were heading east, and the house of the woman and the man had been south.

I went north. I had only gotten a ways before I slowed. I wondered what I would do. The council, though it had been refuge and home for so long, was not my real home. I needed to be with Medusa out where the only teasing cry would be from the crows. I wanted to be a traveller.

I started whistling. Stella pricked her ears, and I finally gave in. I sang in a loud, boisterous voice, a cheery song about travelling by horse through poor villages and grand castles alike.

"Oh, let's traaaaavel! O'er the mountains, let's go! Through the plains, past the forests, let's traaaaaaavel!"

I had traveld for most of the day before I noticed where I was. I had take a turn, and gotten near back to the council! I was about to start running back into the forest, but I noticed, through the trees, someone I had never seen before.

I shuffled close. I tied Stella to a tree, and walked into the clearing. I heard mutters around, but no one dared to say anything outright. Whoever it was hadn't noticed me. I found a good tree, and climbed up. I sat on a branch, watching. And as soon as I could, I would be back in the woods.

The End

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