I'm No Racist, But.... (Pip)

"Hello, phoenix girl. I'm Linda. Cockatrice girl." As soon as she said cockatrice Amber draped a wing over both our heads, shielding our view.

"Not with your cockatrice or your cockatrice powers. I see what you've done to the forest around us, but you can't imprison us if that is what you want." I said coolly, which didn't come naturally to me since my bond was a fire bird. "I don't mean to be a racist or anything, but we don't take chances."

"Oh. Um, ok." Her voice sounded slightly disapointed.

"And if you don't mind, don't tell the council about us. We like being unknown." I closed my eyes and Amber dropped her wing and I climbed onto her back. "Nice to meet you. Bye." Amber lifted into the sky, so high we weren't visible from ground level.

The End

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