Dargo: Coldness of a predator

The deer stood in front of me, my blade was drawn if it moved forwards it would meet a bloody death. If it moved backwards Marlowe will have it. The deer ofcourse didn't know this. Marlowe sat on thick branches of a large tree. His cold blue eyes couldn't miss a thing. The deer turned and ran. Marlowe made his move. He leapt off the branch at high speed. He flew through the air like an arrow there was now way of escape for the deer. I watched awe as Marlowe landed on the deer bitting and ripping its head off.

" One thing I noticed about you Marlowe in these many years is you never go back on a decision. What if you mess up?" I asked the feline as it munched on his meal contently.

" I don't mess up. In theory though if I ever do I adapt." He said between bites. 

I took out a small knife and cut myself A slab of the deer , and roasted it on the fire.

" I don't understand the cooking of your food." Marlowe snarled

" Just tastes better, plus raw food makes me feel like crap Marlowe." I said

He looked rather disgusted as if I was ruining the food.  I finished the dear steak fast. The sun was edging towards the  horizon it wasn't going to be dark for a while but I felt the need to leave. 

" Well Marlowe I'm going to continue on.  Are you going to stay and enjoy the rest of your dear?" I said putting on my empty bag.

" Yes I won't be long." The cat talked with his mouth full.

When he ment by long he ment he'll catch up really fast. He will eat at his usual savouring pace. I kept forgeting he was cold predator and death pleased him.  On my hand I killed only when nesscary which meant if it had my survival in it I killed.  A few hours before I would hit the camp I could smell smoke from there fires. I could also smell many types of animals. The council is defintly not to far.  Behind me I hear a few falling branches. Then Marlowe lands beside me quiet as any feline.

" The branches gave you away Marlowe." I teased

" I would have been silent but I saw an oversized bird carrying a girl. The bird looked tasty." He tried to tease me back.

" I know you wouldn't Marlowe. You have a kind heart when it comes to mythical creatures such as yourself." 

In the distance I hear some voice it would be an hours walk for a human , but for me it would be a 10 minute sprint. 

" It looks like that oversized bird cuased a small amount of trouble. I'm going to check it out." I said leaping very much like a cat on to branch and to another.

My bond with Marlowe gave me cat like abilities. I could smell , hear, and see things from long distance. It also gave me great physical strength Allowing me to jump great hieghts, and speed. The agility of a cat also came handy in any battle. The only real unhuman trait I gained from our bond was replacement of my nails for claws. Luckily cats have sheatable claws so I could wear gloves , and apear natural, 

I jumped down from a stone tree landing softly on the dirt ground in front of a girl with long brown hair , and man with a shield with a griffon on it , and armor.  Marlowe followed rate behind me. A shadow covered my dark green eyes making me a little scary looking with my black hair spiked up , and my dark cloke. I turned to face them.

" I guess I missed the meeting, but I'm not part of the council anyways. Names Dargo, and my feline friend here is Marlowe." I said with my hand outstretched. The dried leather gloves was rude , But those claws are my secret.


The End

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