Will She? (Pip)

I will see you again.

"Yes you will." Amber and I said at the same.

"You don't think she'll tell the council will she?" I asked Amber as I lay down flat on her back to decrease drag.

"No I don't think she will. She had a phoenix bond as well. The look on their faces gave evidence she had no idea about us."

"We'll need to be more careful." I pulled a blanket out of my pack. "Do you mind if I take a quick nap?"

"Go ahead. I'll keep flying. I just want to get away from that place." Amber evened out her flight and slowed down a bit.

"Ok. Thanks." I pulled my blanket over myself and fell asleep.

An hour later, Amber landed.

"We're here." She whispered.

"Ok. I'll get some food for dinner." I woke up and got off her back. "Here, make a nest." I handed her my blanket.

After yet another meal of berries and nuts, we both curled up and fell asleep.

The End

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