Dargo: Marlowe the Mngwa

" Come on Marlowe. lets go." I said sheathing a bronze broadsword that hung on my hip. My cloak swept up from my quick turn around. 

Marlowe the giant feline on all fours stood about 3 feet, and on hind legs probaly 7-10 feet.  Came with me growling at my fellow humans.

" I think we should fight Dargo." He hissed. 

" I don't and I lead here because I beat you in the last fight." I said.

" I could destroy you if our bond didn't give you power." He replied angrily.

" True, next time you make the call, Marlowe." I said feeling for him.

Mngwa's may not be depicted as inteligent but they are highly intelligent creatures that keep there numbers down to hide from hunter interested in trophies making them uncommon to come by. Marlowe silver grey fur , and his emmense size made it hard to keep away from the rumours. He also didn't like being left behind in anything so I'm no secret.  The council has contacted me before but Marlow didn't want to join them for what ever reason. So we lived on the road constantly.

A few weeks ago the council bothered with giving us a message about a meeting anyways. I tried to get Marlowe to agree with me. He still kept his position.

" Why don't you want to join the councill?" I asked

" I've answered this before Dargo. I hate being with people , and pack mentality, I'm a cat and you are the only person I get along with." He said

" You know we aren't to far from the meeting spot. It also been a while since I've had a civil conversation with anybody. We won't join..... just drop by. Besides I smell a deer in that direction." I tried to convince the feline.

" Fine." He growled turning towards the woods.

The End

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