Well this is new...

I stood frozen in place as the phoenix flew away with the girl on its back.  I was shocked to learn that there was another person bonded to a phoenix.

I turned to Naomi and said,"We have to tell the council about this."

"No, we don't have to, and we shouldn't.  If they wanted to join us, then they already would have.  There is no way that they haven't heard of us." replied Naomi.

"We both know that we would be exiled if we kept this a secret."

"Please Evan, don't tell the council."

I was uneasy about this.  The council was the only place we were fully accepted.  If they were to find out we had lied to them, then we would be on our own in the world.

"Okay, if you were anyone but my sister, then I wouldn't do this.  I won't tell the council about this.  I just hope it's the right decision."

The End

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