Naomi: Stranger to the Forest

I reached my spot in the forest and punched one of the trees. I have a really bad temper and have to be alone to calm down. Carmarina flew to my shoulder again.

"Everything will be alright." she said in an uncertain voice but I knew she was trying to be nice.

"Oh Rina! I had nightmares for months after he betrayed me." I said crying slightly. I heard a twig snapped off to my left and quickly turned around pulling my bow out from practically out of nowhere and loaded an arrow.

It was just Evan.

I lowered my bow. I still had tears in my eyes as he walked over to me.

"You okay?" he asked

"I'll be fine." I said. "I'm just scared right now." he embraced me. I pulled away as I heard something else.

"What's wrong?" Evan asked

"Someone else is here." I whispered. I motioned for Carmarina to fly ahead while me and Evan followed quietly behind. Rina then whistled for us to stop as we neared where the noise had came from. I looked from out of the branches and almost stopped breathing. It was another phoenix and next to her (I could tell it was a girl) was a human girl...

I wasn't the only one.

The End

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