Pip and Amber

My name is Pip. Most think that there's only one phoenix in the world, bonded to a girl named Naomi. They're wrong. My bond is a phoenix as well, known by those who know her as Amber. We are unknown to the council and met when we were young. Since then, we have been bonds. The powers I had gotten from Amber were: I was flame resistent, could understand bird and read any bird's emotions like a book.

"Pond off to port!" I call. Amber has grown big enough to fly while carrying me, considering my size. I was quite small, but still could defend myself in battle with Amber at my side.

"Prepare for landing!" Amber started to fly in circles that grew tighter and tighter while we spun down towards the pond for a rest. Right before she hit the ground I jumped off.

"I'll get food. You rest." I went off into the woods, but not far from Amber. When I got back, I could see Amber was exhausted. "Here." I set down some berries and nuts next to Amber.

"Thanks. Mind if I take a rest?"

"Not at all! Go right ahead!" I sat down and started eating my own berries and nuts as Amber did the same. I leaned back against a tree as Amber dropped off to sleep. After a few minutes, I reached over and started to preen Amber helping her sleep a little better.

The End

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