I shuddered. Khan? I leaned closer to Medusa. "Medusa..." I whispered, though he could not hear me. Medusa was a cockatrice. Supposedly evil, poisonous, and can kill with a look, particularily turning them to stone. Therefore his name. Also, he was supposed to be only killed by a weasel of the crowing of a rooster. Or by looking in a mirror.

However, Medusa was slightly different. He didn't kill anyone without my permission, and he was nearly deaf. I still had to be careful about mirrors and weasels, though. I held him close, petting his rooster head. I drew my hand over his dragon-like wings and snake body. He flicked his tail.

I looked in his big eyes, and I felt his gaze. I was immune to his poisonous breath, as well as his stone gaze. Because I could do the same. I leaned my head on his shoulder. He ruffled his feathers, and we listened to Janus. Or at least I did. I talked close to his ear so he could hear me.

After, I followed Naomi into the forest. I went a different way, though. Few people ever knew me, always having to be careful not to get to close to mine of Medusa's eyes or breath. Naomi was no exception. I found a nice tree, with a sort of hollow between two roots that protruded from the ground.

"Medusa, boy, how're you?" I said, leaning close to his ear, concealed by a flap of skin. He looked at me, turned his head to the side, and uttered a little cry. I knew it, despite it's terrible tone, meant a sort of understanding.

"Let's go back." I suggested. I waved in a gesture, showing my mark on my palm, a few letters twined together in a wild script. He flew to my shoulder. He once again uttered a cry, and we started back.

I got back to the clearing, and sat down. I sat at the edge, and watched everyone socializing. "Medusa, boy." I said, pulling him close and burying my face in his feathers. I smiled.

"Hi Linda!" someone said. "Who'd you kill today?" I looked for the one that had said that. Hidden, of course, from both of us.

"I haven't killed anyone. Ever." I said. "Now you better get yourself away from here before I do." I held Medusa closer, and he pulled his scaled tail around himself.

"As soon as you see any of them, you can stare." I said to Medusa.

The End

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