Naomi: The Meeting

Evan, Theasus, Carmarina and me continued to the clearing where the council usually held the meetings. When we got there most of the people in the society were there.

"Settle down and we will bring this emergency meeting to order!" said the high counciler, Janus. "We'd like to welcome each of you here. I only wish we were here to prestent good news." There was a wave of murmuring through the crownd. Evan and me exchanged worried looks. "We have heard rumors that Khan is back." This made everyone gasp. I was horrified. So was Evan.

Back when I had first found out about all this Khan had always been there to help me. Then one day he betrayed us and threatened to kill Evan if I didn't join him. I almost did because of that but thanks to Janus, the other couniclers, and their companions they were able to stop him. They had done something to him but they wouldn't tell me what. For a few weeks after that they had me under constant survailance. They stopped after I yelled at them.

After the meeting ended I ran to my favorite spot in the forest to think.

The End

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