I awoke to the light of dawn.  I almost had to drag myself from the bed.  Then I realized what day it was.  I hurried to get dressed.  Then I donned the old steel breastplate and greaves my Father had given me before I moved out.

Filling a bag with things I might need later, I hurried to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat.  Then I left the house, grabbing my sword and shield.  My shield had Griffon painted on it.  The sword was of good quality, but plain.

Once I got outside, I saw my sister riding towards my home.  "Naomi, you're here!" I said, walking towards her.

"Of course I'm here." She smiled and gave me a quick hug. "You think I would miss a meeting? Especially if they told me it was important?"

"No I don't but you're usually earlier than this."

"I know but mother was taking forever saying good-bye."

I then whistled. Suddenly a griffen landed next to me.

"Hello Theasus." She said and stroked his beak.

"Good morning Naomi."  Said Theasus, the Griffon.

He bowed, and we climbed atop his back.  He then flew gracefully to the meeting place.

The End

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