Soul Partners

A group of people who are bonded with creatures that are thought to be myths.


I rode my horse through the small village I lived in and into the forest. After a minute I stopped my horse and dismounted. I was here because I am part of a group of people who are bonded to strange creatures. We try to help people but no one but others like us will accept us. The creature I was bonded with was something really rare. There has only been one other bonded to the same creature as I but he was killed long ago and there is only one of these creatures alive today. I am bonded to the phoenix. Depending on what creature you are bonded to depends on what ability you will get from them. For example if you were bonded to a unicorn you would be able to heal just by touching an ingured person.

"Naomi. You're here!" I turned to see my older brother, Evan, walking toward me.

"Of course I'm here." I smiled and gave him a quick hug. "You think I would miss a meeting? Especially if they told me it was important?"

"No I don't but you're usually earlier than this."

"I know but mother was taking forever saying good-bye." Evan then whistled. Suddenly a griffen landed next to them "Hello Theasus." I said and stroked his beak.

"Good morning Naomi." Theasus said. We mounted his back and he flew us the rest of the way.

Once we landed I began whistling the complicate tune to summon my partner. A flash of red flew past my head and landed on my arm. Carmarina had been one of my best friends since she chose me. The gift I had gotten from her was the ability to see the future at times. It had happened only once and that was something that changed my life forever.

The End

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