Wandering Home

I tried to keep up with that guy, but I knew I couldn't keep up. I hadn't really worked on my 'jumping off the side of the wall' skill.

I sighed as I gave up on climbing the wall. It was a pain.

I walked home along the many stored that filled New York. I began to take a little detour and found myself on the outskirts. It was nice and refreshing to feel the wind in my hair and the grass beneath my feet. How the sound of nature filled my ears. Nothing could have been better.

I ran down hills and on flat ground as I saw one tree pass by, then another, and another, until I finally reached my home. It took my 30 minutes to jog from the city to home, but I thought it was worth it. A nice workout never hurt anyone.

"Dad! I'm home!" I said entering the house. I took off my shoes and headed for our little dining room where the smell of a nice bowl of chicken soup filled the air.

"Welcome," my dad said and had a wry smile. "Did you find her?" he asked whipping his hands.

"Yeah, but then this weird guy came with a scythe. Do you know him dad?" I asked taking the spoon and stirring the soup.

"I think I'll need more than what he was holding," he chuckled. He sat down across from me and rested his arm on the table.

"He looked pale-ish. Almost like a gray color and well that's all I really saw. He left after that." I said sipping at soup in my spoon.

"Ah," he sighed. "That was a Anima Snatchers. Haven't seen those around in a while."

"A Anima what?" I asked a little confused.

"Those are people like us, but they destroy souls instead of saving them. In a way, they're like the bad people." he said in a kid-like tone.

"Really? That's pretty cool," I said shrugging it off, but the thought of dying, then re-dying kinda creeped me out. I finished the last of my soup and headed off to the bathroom. "I'm taking a shower! Don't use the water!"

"How am I supposed to wash the dishes?!" my father cried as if the world ended.

"Do them later!!!" I shouted back with a smile.

The End

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