Queztacoatl: Death.

The bright light fills my vision, a human somewhere has just turned into an Anima Staminariis, suddenly my seal on my back burns. I fall to my knees and black wings burst out of my back, along with a scythe falling onto the ground beside me. All my skin darkens and becomes grey. Then, I open my eyes, grab my scythe and move on to where the bright white was. When, I get there I see an Anima Staminariis, but no soul.

"You already got the soul?"

Then, she looks at me and fear courses through her body, I can see it in her eyes. The horrible creature I become when I transform is enough to give any human a heart attack. But, she's not a human, at the moment.

I grow bored of her and fly away, searching for a soul to destroy. Then, I land near one, it cowers in the corner as I walk towards it.

"Please, what are you doing?"

"Ending your life." I say coldly.

Then, I slice it in half with my scythe and it's scream is heard for miles in all directions. Then, I smile and turn back into a human. And then I walk away. My seal was put there by my grandfather. The seal skips a generation, so my parents never had it, but my grandparents did. The seal is a skull with a lit, half-melted candle on top and a snake is going from the skull's left eye socket into the mouth. My name is Queztacoatl, and I destroy souls.

The End

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