SOS: The Anima Staminariis

souls have been gathering in unnatural colonies these times. It's up to "The Anima Staminariis"(the soul spinners) to stop the tubes of "Balance" from breaking, if they fail, the whole universe could come crashing down. And, oh yeah, can a bunch of teens save the world?!

The Balance. Something, I, as a Anima Staminariis have to protect. If I don't, who knows what'll happen to my home, our world.

Souls have been gathering lately and we have no idea why. It's worrying. And it has to be stopped. But I have no idea how. I don't actually know any other Anima Staminariis's. And to be quite frank with you, I often wonder if there are any others in this world.

A Anima Staminariis---soul spinner-- is someone who can change into a reaper sort of thing. We collect souls and send them into the afterlife because some can seem to have on too well. I was told this by a women who thrust a magical tattoo upon my flesh with magic. I have to hide it with makeup seeing as it's in the middle of my forehead.

It's the crest of the Anima Staminariis clan. Two sythes crossing with a rose in the middle. I sure hope if there are other alike to myself, that they don't have it smack bang in the middle of their faces. Ugh, no matter how hard I try, it wont go away. You can still see it front underneath my makeup. Which sucks. Big time.

But I guess the cool thing is, with this crest, I can produce my weapon. A giant axe and a giant hammer. My choice depending on what sort of mood I'm in. I have to sneak out of the house to go save souls from the Anima Snatchers, the people who collect souls and destroy them.

Most of the time I can get there in time but it's hard because I'm a slow runner and I totally wish I had, like, wings or something. Buuuuut I just have a pair of giant things. Fun.

So yeah, this is my life. And I guess I'll be doing this for a long while. Being a Anima Staminariis is a tricky thing, but I guess it's cool that I'm saving.  ..uhumm. . .dead people.

The End

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