Ian: A wounded victoryMature


Quickly travelling to each missile silo ,and changing the code  took me almost all day after stealing the original codes, but the time was well spent. Now was the time to shove what I had done in the Demon Princes face! I Appeared on the top of a round granite tower so exposed to the wind I had fight it or be blown off. I looked around and what surrounded me was a vast blue ocean with only water on the horizon , I truly felt insignificant, but now was not to ponder Philosophy. I walked to the centre of the tower wear the granite shifted around a shining black platform,  curiously stepping on it I find myself moving downwards nearly losing my balance in my own surprise.

"Oh here he comes now." The prince says below me," Given up?" He say sneers.

"Actually..." I don finish my sentence as Alex foot goes across my face I fall off the hovering platform in a chaotic tumble but catch myself on my feet before splattering like an egg like fashion on the ground. Alex lands opposite of me his eyes full of determination, and evil as the pupils become slit like. What did the demon prince do to him. I look over to see Elyse crying with while covering her chest, what had the Prince done to her? I was going to make him pay for changing my friend , and whatever he he did to Elyse. Alex hits me again on the face I'm sent flying backwards hitting the floor on my back.

" Don't look away from me Ian, I will kill you." Alex walks over I get up wiping the small amount of blood coming from my mouth off my face he throws a right hook, I catch it easily and kick him hard in the stomach, he just grins. Like it didn't hurt at all, he picks me up with a single hand and throws me up building up energy and releasing it. My body felt like it was being torn apart as I'm blinded by light. I'm not sure how he figured all of this out but he seemed damn proficient at using it , and I was going to lose if I didn't act fast. The light stops I begin to fall to ground but before that happens a few noticeable changes happen. My skin starts to glow as the symbols appear on it it becoming darker and muscles quickly growing , my fingers become more like demonic  needles on my hand I felt human but no longer look it.

"Oh things are getting interesting." The prince comments. Alex makes the first move again using a punch loaded with energy I let him hit me across the chest the energy doing nothing, I scrape up along his abdomen  before punching him with his own technique the tables had turned quite nicely but I really didn't want to kill Alex, or hurt him.  He gets up holding his stomach as his wounds bleed profusely. 

"Alex don't get up, I don't want to  to kill you." My voice still sounds the same thankfully. He smiles.

"I hate you so much." He rushes forwards but falls forwards, I catch him as he falls to floor he was still alive just unable to stand thankfully. I look at the demon.

"You want to take me on?" He smiles. He disappears then re apears in front of me his hand pressing against my stomach," You wouldn't be a match."  He begins to push through like he was melting my flesh, I scrape his face and kick off him. He smiles as his wounds regenerate. He grabs the wounded Alex off the ground. 

"I have the greatest urge to show how weak and pathetic you really are but right now there is greater things at work that I must.... Attend to." He disappears before I could reply. I don't bother trying to follow him, my body begins to return to normal as I look at Elyse still half naked I run towards her face still a bit wet, I hold her tight. A few moments nothing is said between us I let go her of a bit allowing her to hold me, I look into her eyes.

"I really should have said this earlier but I never recognized I had the time to say it. I love you." I say not lettering her respond and pressing my lips against hers passionately. She grabs a fistful of my hair in response, kissing me back with more force. I wanted the moment to last forever but that is an impossibility and eventually we both pulled away.

"Lets get you some clothes." I say bringing us to clothing shop halfway across the world, and she quickly grabbed a dark Gothic like top that I thought she looked dead sexy in. I held her hand.

"I can take you anywhere in the world, all you have to do is name a place, and I can take you there." I say quietly.

"Mcdonalds." At first I thought it was weird place to take a girl to, but then remembering what we've been through something normal like McDonald would be like a piece of heaven. 

We quickly find ourselves sitting down in a booth with burgers and fries, I looked into Elyse eyes and in that moment I realized that I maybe a convicted terrorist, I'm being hunted by a demon prince which probably means hordes of demons, my best friend had become something of my worst enemy, but at the same time someone else I wanted to save, but it all didn't matter because I was sitting with Elyse A girl that I'm sure I loved more than the world I walked on.

                                                                  The End

Authors note

The series is continued on Liesandcatchyhooks profile

the name of the story is 'Saints of shadows'


The End

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