Alex: RepaymentMature

I ran into the room and saw the demon pinning Elyse to the bed.  I growled and pointed my arm at him. A beam of energy shot out of my hand slamming the demon prince into the wall.  He stood up and grinned at me, his grin was one of those grins that you always saw the villians in movies use. 

"Welcome Alex, you interrupted my fun. And your using the power i gave you to try and help you? So ungrateful. As punishment those powers are going away" Said The Demon.

I felt the magic in my body drain, but that didn't bother me. Only one thing mattered. It was time to repay Elyse for saving my life. I looked over, her shirt had been ripped off and she was covering her chest with her arms. I looked back at the demon, hoping there was a fierce look on my face. 

"I've come to make a deal...I'll help you kill exchange for Elyse's safety"  I said loudly, my voice surprisingly not failing me. 

He chuckled malevolently. 

"I have that under control already, besides why would i give up my favorite play thing" 

"But...what if he fails. Wouldn't it be more torturous to have his best friend kill him" i replied, swallowing the spit in my mouth. 

He pondered this for a moment, then smiled his evil grin again. Then he started laughing. 

"You have a bit of demon in you boy. Alright, i'll take you up on your offer.  Elyse," he said, making a hand motion to Elyse telling her to come here. "Go to Alex"

Elyse stood up and walked over to me. The look on her face was full of hate and confusion, it made my heart break slowly, but there was nothing i could do about it. She walked over beside me. 

"Now, IF and when Ian walks in here, you will kill him. If you fail, your life will go in his place" Commanded the demon. 

I nodded, Elyse turned to me with tears of hate flowing out of her eyes. 

"Why are you doing this Alex..." She said angerly "Isn't Ian your friend? I know your jellous, i know you have feelings for me...but don't kill Ian over it!" 

I looked into her eyes and sighed.  

"I'm doing this because i owe you my life for preventing me for killing myself.." 


The End

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