Ian: Political situationMature

The Demon prince grabs our shoulders and suddenly I find myself standing in mid air looking done what I guessed was the United States government. A man in green and wearing a crapload of those weird checkered things that you get in the military on his torso walked up to the mic.

"Recent intelligence given to us by the C.I.A , and other such agencies shows us a conglomeration of countries such as China, Russian and Iran , and Afghanistan have been holding secret meetings, and have planned to destroy our great nation."

"Idiots." I mutter," Let me guess you organized this?" I ask the prince, he smiles.

"Humans are so easy to control, and scare." He indirectly answers my question.

"Can't they see us?" Alex asks.

"No I created these platforms over important government building in each country to get my front row seat on the action." He says.

", and that is why I propose taking immediate action and Nuke each country in their hears from our many different missile silo's." The mans says as the crowd shouts in agreement.

"Shit." I say as a representative from the U.N steps up saying the U.N will have a quick discussion  about giving the nuclear access codes.

"Now I'll make a deal if you somehow stop this disaster I'll give you back Elyse and let you leave unharmed, and if you don't you die and well the rest won't matter because you will be dead. So go ahead try to stop a  nuclear war." The demon prince laughs and brings us back to Oklahoma,and disappears.

"Fuck this, the human race deserves what it gets, they are so stupid!" Alex says," And as for you I hope you die painfully!"

"Why?" I ask.

"You fucking prick , you took Elyse away from me, you have had me shot, nearly killed me countless times the last two days, and never once did you really care, the demon prince is right, and if you try to stop me.." He take out a gun," I will kill you." He says before turning around disapearing like the demon prince did.

"How did he do that?" I ask out to no one.

I laid down in the grass waiting for the bomb to fall, I had no plan, no hope in saving the world now, and worst of all I was alone, no one to share my last thoughts with. I wanted Elyse to be beside me right now. STOP! If Alex could disappear like the demon prince did then so could I but how?  I think back on the symbols allowing them to take over as it seemed to flow through me feeling the knowledge subconsciously just making sense. I get up it was actually pretty easy, you think about the place you want to go to , then think of a portal ahead of you , and.... Step through it. I found myself back in New york by United nations building. I will quickly be recognized as the mysterious terrorist boy but I had a plan in mind, I need to get a hold of those codes, and change them.

The End

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