Elyse: A GlimpseMature

I awoke with the feeling that everything had gone terribly, terribly wrong. My head was aching and my heart was pounding, and every time I tried to form a thought my brain felt like it would explode.

The first thing I did was attempt to gain some knowledge of my whereaboouts. Of course, like any good lair, it was impossible to determine location. I had to wonder if the prince had dragged me all the way into Hell itself.

Glancing around, I managed to get a few things straight. One: I was tied up with what seemed to be some kind of exceedingly powerful rope. Two: I was in a room larger than my apartment had been. The walls were draped with gold and crimson, and lit with an eerie glow from a series of candles. Three: The only thing in the room was a massive canopy bed, and I was placed upon it. 

"Good morning, Princess, " came an echoing, haunted voice from the shadows. "Or should I say night? It's not going to be morning for a long, long time."

An incredibly handsome man stepped into view, stalking towards the end of the bed, until I was devoured by his shadow. He offered me a sadistic looking smile, staring out at me with his glowing, golden eyes. "Elyse." My name fell from his lips in a sultry, seductive manner. "You look exquisite in your sleep. Although I must admit, hearing you shouting Ian's name was rather disappointed. I'd much rather it be my name."

Narrowing my own eyes, I shriveled back against the headboard. "Let me go," I shouted at the demon prince. Only, my voice lacked conviction. I hated myself for that.

He let out a feral growl, lunging forward onto the bed so that he was practically on top of me, and I was pinned down. "I can make you scream my name," he whispered against my neck, his breath warm.

It took all I had to shove him once, hard in the chest. "Ian will come for me," I told him surely. I could only hope that none of my doubts had seeped into my voice.

The demon prince pulled away, rising to his feet and smoothing out his black button-down shirt. "I would not be so certain about that."And with that he stormed away, leaving me alone with nothing but my fears.

The End

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