Ian: Playing with fire.Mature

"What." Alex cuts in , I shake in irritation I hated him yet he was the only one in the world that remotely understood what was happening, and I needed that because my sanity was slowly eroding in the storm of insanity in my head.

" We have to kill everyone in the next town we land in."

"Why?" He asks , I turn around angrily.

"Because if we don't he will kill Elyse."

"Ian , doese her life matter more then thousands of lives of people who don't deserved to die? You already killed thousands, you have to stop. You can get around it somehow. Save Elyse and not kill thousands of people you have to, remember when everything was normal you would say you would always do the right thing? Why aren't you doing that now?"

" I don't know." I slide down on the metal , I can't win.  The train starts to slow, and comes to a stop minutes later.

"Time to go." Alex says opening the door to reveal bright sunlight and infinite field of grasslands, with a few spots of trees along the way.  We hop off out tired legs seeming to forget how to walk.

I didn't realize we have been on the train that long how many hours, or days passed since being in Baltimore. Was Elyse alright? I had this feeling she was just fine but something told me I had to find her soon. I needed a plan, I needed away around killing people , and not getting Elyse killed. I sat down maybe if I did nothing, and see what the demon would do would he come? Would he Bring Elyse? Would he threaten her life? If I needed to kill people , then I would be no use if I refused to do it and if he killed Elyse I would kill myself. Maybe that was the answer I could save the world by pulling a trigger.

" You think to simply my friend." A young mans voice came from behind us. I turn around seeing a man in a brown trench coat, glasses , and a pale face.

"who are you?"

"You don't recognize me? Oh I did sorta change the look. Elyse said form looked better." He said the voice was different as well but had the same effect. I reach for my gun but it wasn't there.

" You left it behind Ian. Alex has one though but he won't shoot me with it."

" Alex do it." I tell him but he stand frozen still.

"He is still neutral to all of this, he isn't sure who is the good guy here Ian, and right now you seem like the bad guy I mean you took Elyse away from him, well so he thinks, you almost killed him. Me on the other hand all I've done is take Elyse away." 

"Ya but who knows what you've done to her." I say through clenched teeth.

"Nothing at all really."

"I don't believe you."

" I would tell you to take a look for yourself but that would be cheating you don't get to see her until you do something worthy of me showing you kindness."

"Well I'm not doing anything for you."

"I can kill her with the flick of the finger."

" See where that would get ya, you want me to do something that would just end everything right here, I will definitely not do anything for you if you kill her."

" I see want to test that theory." He raise on eyebrow as everything shimmers behind him revealing a cold blue stone floor and the shadow of Elyse figure and an axe behind her above her.

"Elyse!" I shout.

"She can't hear you. Now if I lower my finger so will the axe , so tell me would rather Elyse dies, or a bunch of people you wouldn't normally care about?" The axe lowers, I flinch but this was like a game of chicken if I gave in I would lose but if I'm right and he gives Elyse lives, and so do a bunch of people I wouldn't normally care about.

"Well?" He said moving the the shadow of the axe moving quickly towards Elyse's shadow. My face shows no fear on the inside I scream no. The axe stops. Not hitting Elyse.

"You've got some nerve, I'll give you that." He says the background disappearing the train appearing behind him again.

" So now that won't work I could always mess her head up." He turns into me, " I know everybody weakness I wonder what would happen if I showed her every possible scenario of how you could die." He demonstrate  a scene where a bunch of FBI surround me and mercilessly shoot me or him until there was something that resembled a human body. The scene dies away as he melts back into the brown trench coated man.

"I could do that but I would have to show you the results before you even make it to San Diego."

"How about this I show you whats going on in the United states government, show you what they are planning and give you 48 hours to reverse it."


"Because believe me one more explosion might just end the world. Come I will show you."


The End

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