Alex: Consequences.Mature

             You know, i've always sucked when it comes to looking at the consequences.  And trust me, that got me in trouble quite a few times. But when i kissed Elyse...i never thought this would happen. I never thought Ian would be thrown in a rage and kill everyone...I never thought Elyse would be kidnapped by the demon..none of this. And it was all my fault. Millions of people are DEAD becuase i am a desperate mother fucker.

What was i supposed to do now? Say sorry? Sorry wouldn't bring those people back. Sorry wouldn't make my best friend stop hating me like he probably does now. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.  Not wanting to think about all the damage my thinking has done.  

I started dreaming. In my dream i was walking on clouds, litterly. In the distance i saw Ian and Elyse, they were walking hand in hand. I felt a huge ping in my heart, it hurt..but at the same time i knew it was meant to be. I don't think i deserve to love.  As if there was anyone out there that would love me now. I looked down. I saw the earth. Red lights dotted around the countries. 

I looked closer...those weren't lights..they were fires. All over the earth, in every country. 

I woke up all of a sudden in a hot sweat. Ian was standing by the door. He saw i was up and then looked away. 

"Are you okay dude?" I asked

He looked at me again, then sighed.

"Theres something i should probably tell you..." he started.  

The End

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