Ian: Anger, hurt, and lossMature

Anger was the first thing I felt but it quickly turned to hurt,  I heard the clatter of a gun as Elyse pulls away from him and Alex looks at me.  I pulled the pistol out not pointing anywhere in particular well my foot to be exact. but that was just coincidence.

"Why?" Is all that came out my mouth but is said so much more with the anger of a thousand burning suns behind it.

"Ian it.." I didn't hear the rest as my mind was swallowed by hate, I walk forwards changing each step the symbols slowly making some weird sense in my head. Elyse got off of Alex tears in her eyes, I dropped the gun. What was I doing? She began to run down the alley way when he showed up the demon prince.

"Lovely everything is going on well, don't mind if I take her with me do you?" He says like a gentlemen," I guess you do mind. Well to bad." He pops out of existence now I felt the feeling of loss all these emotions mixing into one.

"Ian." Alex says scared for some reason. I look at myself my arm not looking like my arm it was dark with the symbols glowing on it, the symbols meaning destruction.

"Run Alex, run as fast as you can. Because I think I'm going to kill everyone."

"What?" He says his voice squeaking," Your pupils they are...!  I look into a puddle they where slits.

" Like I said you where going to start bringing the world down and first thing first destruction!" The demons voices bounces in my head my insanity hitting a new level," Oh your not worried about your girlfriend anymore are you?"

BANG a bright light goes off as and I blank out.


Waking up in a dark clunking place my head hurts like hell. Thump th thump.

"Alex?" I say holding my head.

"Ian." He reply's.

"What happened I don't remembe...r"


"You bastard!" I growl. I Jump on him my hands around his neck.

"I..an. Stop, please." He says my hands wrapping tight around his neck. I stop as my head hurts again a memory of me killing someone.

"What happened?" I say holding the pain back.

"You went insane killed a shit load of FBI, police , swat you name it. Then afterwards you went around destroying Baltimore, I found you on the ground unconscious later trying to get out."

" Trying?"

"The place was destroyed." Its hard climbing rubble.

"I killed people." I say not paying attention to him.

"Ya listen to this." He turns on the radio.

"Terrorist attack destroys Baltimore! No survivors found yet."

I curl up on the wall my guilt killing me slowly.

"Worst of all the demon prince has Elyse."

" I know." I say into my knees." Where are we and which direction?"

"On a train heading down somewhere Oklahoma."

" Fine, don't talk or touch me till we get there unless the FBI show up."


" I don't want to wake up unless I have to."

In my head all I could say was I'm a failure, I was still annoyed at Alex fr kissing Elyse but it wasn't as big as seeing that bastard take her away completely. I will save her, I don't care about the rest now, I'm going to fix everything I have done.

You can't take back killing thousands of people Ian, your worse than me you butchered them, and laughed. Do you want to see?” The demon in my head again.

I didn't want to see but he made me see it the flames the countless bullets flying chaotically at me, I grabbed a soldier my hands, and arms very different I punch him in the face it exploding, I dodged more attacks jumping onto buildings with a strength I have never seen energy growing my hands, I released a city block reduced to nothing as people screamed cried agony blood splattered across the ground a deep laugh emanated from my voice.

Stop it please.” I whine.

Ha ha don't like what you see? Don;t like what you are? Think about the thousands you murdered and there families their loved ones mourning you death all because of you! It really is a a scene that brings tears to the eyes. But to me they are tears of happiness.” He says, “ Next town I want to you to to break into the military base and blow it up,or better yet turn the military against the people by making them riot and if you don't I can always just kill Elyse.”

I froze completely I was powerless who and what did I care for more? Elyse or innocent people's lives?

The End

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