Elyse: Enjoy the Silence...Mature

Miracles must happen after all. After Ian and I had finished, I left him alone to pay the check, my own personal way of letting him know he was not forgiven. I started out into the night, under a blanket of stars. I'd gone maybe two steps when I heard the heavy breathing from the alley beside the diner, and slowly the shape of Alex came into sight.

Alex, with a  gun to his head.

"Shit, Alex!" I shouted as I took off running down the alley towards him. I thought that I saw his finger twitch ever so slightly over the trigger, but then I was crashing into him, sending him sprawling onto the concrete with me on top of his body.

Alex wrapped his arms around me tightly, clinging to me as if I was the only thing keeping him breathing. "What the hell are you thinking?" I mumbled against his chest. Alex only held to me tighter.

"I'm no good at this shit," he told me. "Ian's the heroic one, not me. Ian's the one with the brains and the skills. And you."

I started to shake my head, but Alex cut me off. "Please, Elyse. I want you to know that I've never met a girl like you." ANd before I could reply, Alex had taken me by a fistful of hair and brought my lips to his own in a passionate kiss. I couldnt push away because he was holding me down, and so I allowed myself to kiss him back in hopes that it would satisfy him.

I should have known that life was never kind to me. I should have guessed that Ian would step into the alley, and that nothing would ever be the same again.  

The End

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