Alex: whats the point..Mature

       I had left a few minutes before the cops had arrived. Of coarse,  my best friend took her away from me. Okay, we never got together...and i never got to tell her how i felt..but the moment i saw her my heart just...i can't explain it. And every since then i felt a connection with her. Weither she felt it or not. 

He was only human right? Human..the curse upon existance. Humans, greedy, lustfull, humans. Did they deserve to live? Did I deserve to live? Of coarse..i mean..i was nothing like the rest of them. 

All my life i've been considered a outcast. The annoying little brat that everyone hated upon. I guess i had tried so freaking hard to fit in. Maybe that does make me deserve to die. I mean...isn't the intent to be sinful the same as performing the sin itself. 

      When i got to an alleyway. I saw a guy passed out. I went over and searched his body. He had a gun...Do i just end it now? I held it to my head Put my finger on the trigger. Time to rid this world of yet another sin...

The End

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