Ian: Just wishing for more timeMature

"If that's what you want, but you know we all can't be heroes Ian. Sometimes there is nothing left to save." Elyse said sounding a bit hurt. I wanted to take back what I said , I was just so unsure of what she truly felt about me.

" What am I trying to save?" I mutter looking at the floor," Am I saving anything at all? From what I've done I've screwed up more then helped. I took you away from everything you know, I shot someone, made my best friend hate me by doing something. I mean i'm not saving anything..... Just trying to survive." I said quietly but I knew Elyse listened to every word.

" What are you trying to survive for? Is there something important to you back home?" She asks.

"No,not really, but I definitely don't feel the need to die." I say finally bring my eyes up from the ground looking into her eyes, I instantly began remembering last night not regretting one moment of it.

"So your just trying to live for the sake of living?  Some how that doesn't seem to strike me as good enough for someone in our situation." She says.

" Whats your reason?" I ask starting to break under the line of questions. Seeing the bathroom door opening and Alex's face while the waitress made way to our table, I wished we had more time.

" I.."

Alex sits beside Elyse, and I begin to feel quite a burning hatred for interrupting.

"How can I help you?" The waitress asks.

"Burger and a monster please." I say quickly.

A  20 minutes later upon finishing our meals , and my emotions tearing me apart along with the storm of symbols just lingering upon my subconscious mind I slam the correct amount of money with a five dollar tip on the table.

"We should go." I say looking outside making it looked like we had been found out. They both leave their seats and following me out. After a few minutes I slow down the frustration leaving my mind Alex up ahead. Elyse in the in between us, I catch up to her and grab her shoulder.

" I'm sorry about everything about me, sorry from ripping you away from your world and what ever else that you may also feel animosity towards me, but I just want to say.... I really really like you maybe even love but I don't know what that feels like." I pause for a second trying to gather my thoughts she was about to speak but I start again," I wish we had more time, under these circumstances there is hardly any, but if you want..." I didn't know what say nothing seemed to come out of mouth.


Behind me Alex is gone and cops have guns in there hands.

"Shit. I wish I could freeze time I say irritated."


The End

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