Elyse: The Unwanted ConversationMature

Baltimore was the epitome of beauty, nestled into the Chesapeake Bay as if it needed to be protected from some grand danger. I thought to myself that maybe that danger was us. It hadnt taken long to get to the city, and the first thing we'd all decided to do was stop for food.

We found a diner sort of place that appeared relatively clean and cheap, a combination that was hard to come by on the east coast. As soon as we were in, Alex made a beeline for the bathroom, leaving Ian and I to find us a table. Not that it was hard; the place was essentially empty.

Ian slid into the booth across from me, a notion I had to admit left disappointment. His company may have offered me some sort of reassurance. Instead all I had was a cigarette, which I gladly lit up and sucked at greedily.

"Elyse," Ian said hesitantly. It was probably the first uncertain thing I'd ever seen him do. "About what happened...at the hotel..."

Those were not the words I wanted to hear. Every touch from him still burned on my skin, every stolen kiss and gentle caress. I longed to feel his body against mine again. And there he was, fully armed with heartache.

"Look, you seem like a wonderful person. But Alex is my best friend. And besides, we have other things that we should really be worrying about right now."

I turned away, took another lengthy drag. "If that's what you want..." I said slowly. "But, you know, we cant all be heroes, Ian. Sometimes there's nothing left to save."

The End

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