Alex: Baltimore?Mature

        I gotta tell yah, being stuck in a car for a uncertain amount of time with two people you were currantly pissed at is very uncomfertable.

     " much money was there?" Elyse asked

        "Uhm...500. But i only got 250" replied Ian.

 "Why would you only get 250! We're on the run Ian! Its dangerous enough robbing stores like this!" I yelled.

    He rolled his eyes at me, obviously annoyed with my tone. I didn't care, he was risking our lives!

      "I shot some guy, you relize medicare isn't free in this country. I felt bad" He replied.

   "Wait! Guys! Stop argueing! And Ian get your eyes back on the road! We're going to.." Yelled Elyse.

     And just as she started saying that. We crashed into a tree.  Then everything went blank. Next thing i knew i was getting dragged out of a car. And my head hurt like a bitch.

       "Are you okay man?" Ian asked nervously.

"Are you freaking kidding me! No i'm not alright My neck and head are killing me! The Car is crashed! And we are in the middle of nowhere!" I yelled getting to my feet.

     "Not true, i think we're near baltimore" said Ian.

Elyse's face brightened up a little.

"I've always wanted to go to baltimore..." She said with a huge grin on her face. "Can we go there!"

      I saw the smile on her face and i just couldn't say no. So i sighed and said

"Fine. But the next place we break into BETTER be a god damn pharmacy"

The End

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