Ian- stopping for gasMature

The smell of smoke lingered in the car far after Elyse took her last drag on her last one, I've always detested smoking but with the amount of second hand smoke, and the amount of pressure I felt I think I might take the habit up.  I look down at the fuel gauge the little red thing slowly creeping toward empty. I look up at the darkening highway conveniently seeing a gas station. Turning right I forget to indicate I'm turning right getting honked at furiously.

"Sorry." I mutter at the other drivers know it would do nothing. Stopping at the station I tell Alex to fuel up, he gave me a look of resistance but it soon died when I pulled the pistol out.

" This is going to be the hard part." I mutter getting eyed by both Elyse and Alex.

"You kept that thing." He said.

" Ya only an idiot that was getting chased by the FBI would throw it away." He sighed taking the gas trigger and putting it into the car. I look at Elyse wondering if she thought the same way as I did for her. I pull my gaze away quickly.

"Lets hope I don't have to shoot anyone. Do you want to come?" I ask, but not waiting for an answer. I open the door doing a quick walk through the store counting two employees one guy one girl who were both flirting with each other. I waited a bit longer making sure there wasn't a third, after the wait when the two employees where close enough together out came the pistol firing a round through shoulderr of the guy he screamed but he wasn't going to die. The girl looked at me with anger,and fear mixed together.

" Sorry small little morale about not hurting girls, but don't think that will stop me. Stop bring your hand away from the alarm or else you will end up like your friend." I said trying to stop the part of me that didn't want to do this.

"I was going finish that sentence." I say with a shaky voice," I will shoot you if you endanger my survival, and I'm sorry about your friend there. Now open the cash register and take out as much money as possible." BANG! I shoot the camera, " How much is in there?"

" five, five , five hundred." She says.

"Give me 250 and tell your boss I took it all and spend the rest on whatever the hell you feel like. Sorry for your troubles." I say taking the money and stop, "oh and a case of cigarettes for my friend would be nice." I say she tosses them nervously at me.  Pocketing the gun and giving the cigarettes to Elyse, I try to forget that I shot someone who didn't deserve to be shot, even if it was necessary for my survival.

After getting the car started again the everyone was quite for the better part of 2 hours, but inside my head was a storm of knowledge that was all to much for me to handle, plus all I really wanted to think about was surviving, and Elyse. The sun began to rise over the horizon a new day started and I was exhausted. 

The End

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