Elyse: Making an EscapeMature

I could feel Alex's eyes upon us, but I was doing all I could to ignore his glares. There were slightly more important things to deal with here.

"You know, I'm into all that dark shit," I said slowly, "But this is getting way to psychadelic for me." The haze I still found myself in wasnt helping. Nor was the lingering memory of Ian's hands all over me. No, that was quite the distraction.

Eventually Alex asked the one question we'd all been wondering. "So, uh, what do we do now?" I glanced over to Ian, certain he would have some sort of plan. But Alex was shaking his head immediately. "No, no fucking way. I've been following this moron around all damn night, and the most brilliant thing he's come up with is the way to get you out of your clothes."

Both Ian and I shot his scowls mixed with betrayal and hurt.

"Then what, pray tell, do you suggest we do?" Ian asked his friend through clenched teeth.

Alex's gaze shot to the window. "We're stealing a car."


Considering we were all under sixteen, driving was a nightmare. Ian did his best to concentrate on the road, while Alex sat in the back and brooded. I merely smoked my last two cigarettes in silence, literally on the verge of tears when I ran out.

I tried my best to ignore the glances I kept getting from both the boys. I should have known this was a mistake. Now I was on the road away from New York, the only home I'd ever known, with a boy who I was undeniably thinking about way too hard, and another boy I was sure was holding back a lot more secrets than I could fathom.

Whatever happened next, we were stuck in it together. I had a feeling I wasnt going to make curfew.

The End

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