Alex: The Proverbial crap has hit the fanMature

Ian started writing in pain so automatically i started to freak. He only writhed around for a few minutes till he suddenly layed down on the ground with his eyes clothes.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" I yelled

"Oh nothing, i just unlocked his inner potential. But what that is, is a secret for now." he said, with an sneer as if he was looking down apon me.

"He Could have died!" i yelled

"Haha, and then what would have happened? He would have been worm food, making your precious earth even better" He said with a devilish grin

"Is THAT your plan? To take over our earth?" Elyse said quietly. I had forgotten she was there i guess i was more concentrated on the evil demon infront of us.

"Funny that, you know, you humans are soo concentrated on alien species from other planets, but did you ever stop and wonder how you got here on this planet?" The Demon started.

      I just stood there with a blank look on my face. i guess i had heard rumors that maybe we had came here on a mediorite. But thats about it.

"But of coarse, you wouldn't of relized the truth...This isn't the only planet with humanity. Or, atleast somthing alot like humanity. I'm going to make this simple, in the begining one race was alive. That was the Demons. Such as me. But a lot of us demons are known too...experement so to speak. So a while ago an ancient demon created somthing like what you call a virus. That virus grew into a humanoid very unlike yourself. Which inturn evolved into a creature worthy of space travel, then they created another viral species that they raised on planets like earth. But that species had to evolve differently as different planets equal different races.

And then that species made more species, and so on and so on. Making all the species in the universe. Now, this planet used to be mine. But then another mortal species came in and started planting their virus which devolped into every living thing you see on this planet. At first i wasn't sure if i should let them live, or exterminate them. But i decided to let them stay, i mean having an army of slaves at a my disposal wouldn't be so bad would it? But they devolped more and more and started killing this planet. So now im taking matters into my own hands."

I stared at him for a second. Then he smiled another one of his cruel smiles.

"Don't worry about Ian, he will be up in a few minutes. Oh, and don't forget my little pawns. Meet me in San Diago." He said before dissapearing into a fine mist and vanishing from the room.

Elyse looked at me, then looked back at Ian, then back at me. I glared at her for a second. Noticing that she wasn't wearing a top and neither was Ian. Great, so i collapse for a few seconds and my friends fool around. She sat next to Ian and looked down at him with true worry in her eyes. I walked over to the window and said to noone in paticular.

"Looks like the proverbial shit has hit the fan"


The End

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