Ian: The prince of earth.Mature

I stared at the figure not sure whether it was real or not then I remember weed isn't a hallucinogen, I looked at Elyse I was sort of torn between I was acting like an ass there , and that was good and I hope that wasn't just the weed doing that.

"Well , isn't that special." the figure said. Something was familiar about him, it took me a minute.

"Your the one who unlocked the cell doors!" I accused.

"Yes , I am." He says his voice very subtle and dark, " I'm responsible for a great many things."

"Who the hell are you?!" Alex yells from across the room freaking out.

"Shut up!" Elyse says.

" He does however have a good question" the figure says walking into the light revealing quite an handsome somewhat paled face with red eyes , and a dark coat covering most of his bods. His hands long skinny with a semi inhuman look, and hatred.

"I'm the Demon Prince of earth, and you two are mere human being who will help me bring humanity crashing down before me." Even though what he said sounded crazy I couldn't help but feel chills, and fear.

"Why would I do that?" I say without even thinking trying to find my former calmer self.

"You have no choice now, your locked in the whole of united states is on red alert afraid of terrorists, and I will make sure where ever you go you will leave behind chaos , and if you don't like being used as my pawn why don't we meet just a little outside of San Diego."

" What? Are you on about?" I ask the prince disappears then reappears before me his nail just a milometer from my forehead.

"Destruction, and chaos my young friends. Its what you where made for!" He press his nail in my forehead cutting  it before I could say anything images of symbols, memories, and voices enter my head making it feel like it was going to split open. I hit the ground writhing in pain.  Alex and Elyse begin yelling but I can't make sense of what they are saying.

The End

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