Elyse: Pushing the LimitsMature

Life had officially been shot to hell. I spent a long time in the bathroom of the hotel, staring at my reflection in the mirror and chain smoking. I was down to about seven cigarette. and then I was screwed. At least I looked good, I told myself.

Back in the room, Ian was attempting to act like he had a plan. Alex and I could both tell this entire disaster was only going to get worse. I took up a post at the window with what was left of the burning cigarette in my hand, remaining silent as I stared out the window into the darkness beyond.

It wasnt long before Alex was out cold, or before I could feel the stinging gaze upon me. I knew that Ian was behind me, watching. There was something about him that struck me as extraordinary. I knew that somehow he would pull through for us. I hated to admit that I was counting on him.

"We're fucked," he muttered, moving to sit down upon the bed. Putting out my cigarette on the window sill, I arose and went to plop down beside him. I thought that maybe his breathing might have faltered. Or maybe it was mine that did.

"Well....I have one thing we could do." Reaching down into my bra, ignoring the look he was blatantly giving me, I pulled out a tiny plastic bag.

"What is that?" he asked suspiciously. I assumed he was being sarcastic. That, or he was a complete moron. It didnt take me long to roll up a joint, and within no time I was sucking greedily at it, holding the smoke in until it had zeroed out.

"Here." I passed it over to him, gauging his reaction as he took a hesitant hit. I wasnt sure if he liked it or not. I didnt particularly care. He was smoking it nonetheless. Soon we were both feeling pretty high, and I was looking up at the ceiling, enjoying the mellowness coursing through me.

The inevietable happened, and Ian started to freak. "We're going to get busted," he said slowly. "The FBI is tracking us as terrorists. The last thing we need is a drug bust too." He was going on and on, ruining my perfect high, and even though he looked so damn adorable, I just couldnt stand to hear his paranoia. So I did the first thing I thought of, which was to lean forward and kiss him.

I pulled away too quickly, feeling a sudden wave of clarity. Ian was staring at me like he didnt know what to do, and then of all things he was pulling me on top of him and kissing me again. I tangled my hands into his hair as his own explored my body. all the contours and places better left unsaid. I pushed his shirt up until he paused to yank it over his head, giving me a look that asked me to do the same.

"Elyse," Ian whispered against the bare skin of my neck. "Fuck, Elyse, I want you..."

I broke away in attempt to reply, but I never got the chance, because suddenly there was a figure standing over us.  

The End

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