Ian: roomMature

Getting into the room didn't take to long and once we where in their we sure Everything was absolutely sealed up. Once that was taken care of I somehow got myself to the coffee machine and got it running without quite knowing how I did that because I wake up on the floor the scent of coffee in my nose.

"Oh shit it is going to burn!" I shoot up and remove the pot.

I rarely make and drink coffee,and I really wanted to just curl up in bed right now but something told me I should stay awake as much as possible. I hear the bathroom door open and seeing Elyse walk out in new attire.

"I see you took more from that shop then just pants." I comment.

"Well if your going to steal clothes you mine as well get what you want."

"True, I hope it doesn't become a habit to steal , but it might be the only way to stay out of the FBI's hands." I say making sure my voice doesn't carry outside  of our rooms walls.

" Yeah what are we going to do tomorow?" Alex says, from the couch.

"I don't know, try to get the hell out of New York." I say trying to sounds I know what I'm doing, but I failed. I look over at Alex who gives me quite the glare, What did I do? So I go over to Elyse for company , who was staring out the window with a cigarette in hand. I froze, what was I going to say, I mean I completely fucked up her life, made her a fugitive with us, and I hardly know her. She turns around her dark black hair swinging around her, and her beautiful blues looking into mine. What was I doing I probably look like an idiot.

"Erm, I'm sorry." I say.

The End

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